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Is Facebook Security an Oxymoron?
By Mike Elgan | Article Published October 19, 2010
It's time for Facebook and Facebook users to finally get serious about security –- or risk the consequences.
Tags: Facebook, security, privacy, Security practices, Facebook marketing
Facebook Retools With Focus on User Control
By Kenneth Corbin | Article Published October 07, 2010
Leading social networking site unveils sweeping set of changes aimed at forging closer group connections, expanding users' control over their information.
Tags: Facebook, social networking, privacy, social media, Facebook marketing
How Facebook Will Rule the World
By Mike Elgan | Article Published October 06, 2010
Facebook could achieve what Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others have been attempting for years: To create a platform so necessary that to cancel your account would be equivalent to withdrawing from society.
Tags: Facebook, email, spam, barcode, Facebook marketing
Why Facebook Should Be Fired
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 26, 2010
Facebook blurs the line between work and personal beyond all recognition.
Tags: Facebook, privacy, IT salary, IT career, Facebook marketing
How Google Plans to Beat Facebook
By Mike Elgan | Article Published August 11, 2010
Google’s forthcoming social media site has the potential to turn Facebook into MySpace.
Tags: Facebook, social network, social networks, Google, Facebook marketing

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