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At DEMO, Startups Ready to Take on the Big IT Players
By David Needle | Article Published September 15, 2010
Can startup companies provide better security and email services than established, multibillion-dollar players? New services debuting at the DEMO conference make some pretty bold claims.
Tags: security, Demo, IT, Email management, start-up
Take That, Apple!
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published October 31, 2008
Microsoft launches a big comeback at PDC and generates the kinds of excitement normally reserved for a certain other company.
Tags: developer, Windows, Microsoft, Demo, Vista
Products to Watch at TechCrunch50
By Richard Adhikari | Article Published September 09, 2008
Yahoo flies the flag, as wannabes strut their stuff and pray for funding.
Tags: search, software, Demo, SaaS, Yahoo
Windows 7 to Feature Multi-touch
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published May 29, 2008
Microsoft execs demo Surface-like user interface coming in the next major release of Windows.
Tags: video, Windows, Microsoft, Demo, Vista
Apeer Has an Eye For Media Collaboration
By David Needle | Article Published May 12, 2008
New program both competes and complements WebEx for collaboration.
Tags: video, Demo, marketing, Cisco, voice
Do We Need Reusable Paper?
By Andy Patrizio | Article Published April 30, 2008
Xerox's famed Palo Alto Research Center previewed a printing technology that let's a printed page be reused.
Tags: Google, Demo, networking, recycling, InternetNews.com
Touring the KDE 4 Beta
By Bruce Byfield | Article Published August 28, 2007
Due for release in October, KDE 4 is an extreme makeover of the popular desktop environment.
Tags: Windows, software, Demo, IT, KDE

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