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Citrix Lays the Groundwork for Workspace Automation with Octoblu IoT Tech
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published May 15, 2015
The company previews its vision of adaptive, mobile-friendly workplaces based on the Octoblu IoT platform and new WorkspaceHub hardware.
Tags: automation, Citrix, internet of things, IoT
Citrix Approaches MDM from Workspace Perspective
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published May 12, 2015
Rather than simply locking down smartphones and tablets, Citrix is focused on securely delivering app experiences to users on any device.
Tags: Citrix, mobile device management, MDM, smartphones and tablets
Citrix Makes the Case for Battery-Friendly MDM with XenMobile 9
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published July 01, 2014
Latest edition promises to extend battery life while providing more productivity apps and a streamlined user experience.
Tags: Citrix, Xen, mobile device management, MDM
AirWatch, Citrix Bring MDM to Intel-Powered Android Devices
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published February 24, 2014
The companies announce support for Intel's Data Protection Technology for Android devices.
Tags: virtualization, Citrix, mobile device management, MDM, AirWatch
Software-Defined Data Centers Could Change the IT Landscape
By Paul Shread | Article Published July 25, 2013
IT vendors like VMware, Red Hat and Citrix are close to realizing a decades-old vision of virtualized data centers, which could usher in an era of commoditized hardware and self-service IT. What will that mean for vendors, end users and IT pros?
Tags: virtualization, Red Hat, Citrix, VMware, software defined data center
Citrix Expands Mobile Apps Push at Synergy
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published May 22, 2013
New XenDesktop, XenMobile and ShareFile service debut to enable the modern IT workforce.
Tags: Mobile tools, apps, Citrix
Networking Vendors Work Together on OpenDaylight SDN Project
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published April 08, 2013
Cisco, IBM, Citrix, Juniper and many others will collaborate on standards for software-defined networking.
Tags: open source, IBM, networking, Citrix, Cisco, Juniper Networks, SDN, Software-Defined Networking
Apple iOS Leads in Enterprise Mobility
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published March 20, 2013
According to a new study from Citrix, iPhones and iPads currently dominate the landscape but Android is proving a formidable challenger.
Tags: Android, Citrix, IOS, enterprise mobile
Citrix Acquires Zenprise in BYOD Play
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published December 06, 2012
Mobile Device Management vendor will complement existing Citrix app management portfolio.
Tags: Citrix, MDM, BYOD
NetApp and Citrix Team for Secure Enterprise File Sharing
By Pedro Hernandez | Article Published November 09, 2012
Companies partner up to rescue storage admins stuck in a BYOD nightmare.
Tags: Citrix, NetApp, file sharing, BYOD
HP, Citrix Boost Their Support for Linux
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published November 06, 2012
HP will pay half a million dollars in dues as a platinum member of The Linux Foundation.
Tags: open source, cloud computing, Citrix, HP, Linux Foundation
Cloud Computing Confusing to Many: Survey
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published August 29, 2012
A Citrix survey finds that 22 percent of people have pretended to know what cloud computing is.
Tags: cloud computing, Citrix, survey
Facebook Drops Off the Greatest Places to Work List
By  | Article Published August 10, 2012
Twelve other tech firms did make this year's GlassDoor list of employers with the best work-life balance.
Tags: Facebook, Citrix, LinkedIn, Novell, jobs, Rackspace, careers, SAS
Citrix Buys Bytemobile for Cloud-Optimized Mobile Networks
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published June 07, 2012
Citrix takes aim at the wireless service provider market as mobile Internet traffic explodes.
Tags: cloud computing, mobile, Citrix
Citrix Acquires Mobile Data and Video Optimization Firm Bytemobile
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published June 07, 2012
The deal will allow Citrix to offer carriers new solutions to help them manage growing network traffic.
Tags: video, wireless, mobile, networks, Citrix, optimization, data traffic, merger and acquistion activity
Citrix Systems Buys Online Work Platform Podio
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published April 11, 2012
Danish Podio makes social collaboration tools for small and medium businesses.
Tags: SMB, Citrix, social collaboration, merger and acquistion activity
Citrix Revenues Up 20 Percent for Q3
By Stuart Johnston | Article Published October 28, 2011
Cloud and virtualization stalwart turns up a winning third quarter.
Tags: Citrix
Virtualization's Benefit is...Security? Really?
By Paul Rubens | Article Published August 19, 2011
A start-up launched by some major industry insiders touts the security benefits of virtualization -- a distinctly contrarian approach.
Tags: security, virtualization, Citrix
What Buyers Look for in Virtualization Solutions
By Jeff Vance | Article Published July 21, 2011
Real world examples of the key factors that companies consider as they select virtualization solutions.
Tags: cloud computing, Microsoft, virtualization, Citrix, VMware
Citrix Acquires Cloud.com
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published July 12, 2011
Citrix 'doubles down' on cloud computing technology as it pulls in yet another cloud PaaS vendor.
Tags: cloud computing, Citrix, VMware, Cloud.com
Citrix and Microsoft Gain on VMware
By Paul Rubens | Article Published July 07, 2011
VMware has clearly held the top spot in the burgeoning virtualization market, running ahead of competitors Citrix and Microsoft. Yet the race appears to be shifting.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Citrix, VMware
SAP: Private Clouds Have a Role in the Enterprise
By David Needle | Article Published July 29, 2010
Executives from Citrix, SAP and IBM debate the role of cloud computing in the enterprise.
Tags: cloud computing, Amazon, SAP, Citrix, private cloud
Virtualization Vendors: VMware vs. Microsoft vs. Citrix
By David Strom | Article Published June 22, 2010
The leading virtualization vendors have been actively maneuvering for market share. Who is ahead? Take a look at the virtualization product comparison chart.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, virtualization cloud, Citrix, VMware
Is Your Smartphone a Thin Client?
By James Maguire | Article Published February 09, 2010
Is Your Smartphone a Thin Client?
Tags: smartphones, smartphone, data center, Citrix, thin client
VMware, Citirx Top Investors' Estimates
By Christopher Saunders | Article Published July 23, 2009
Both players in the virtualization sector demonstrate the health of this emerging trend.
Tags: virtualization, SaaS, datacenter, Citrix, VMware
Citrix Unveils Free Hyper-V Storage Management
By Alex Goldman | Article Published July 13, 2009
StorageLink offers easy access to storage devices for streamlined management through storage configuration.
Tags: services, Microsoft, virtualization, Citrix, VMware
Interop: Virtual Desktop is Real (We Think)
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published May 22, 2009
Standardization and other issues face the burgeoning virtual desktop market, though some vendors see enormous potential.
Tags: search, Microsoft, virtualization, Citrix, VMware
Citrix, Xen, Tout Hassle-Free App Delivery
By Alex Goldman | Article Published May 06, 2009
As Citrix sees it, buying enterprise software should be as simple as buying a song on Apple's iTunes service.
Tags: services, virtualization, Citrix, Xen
Is Citrix's $500 Million Purchase of XenSource Paying Off?
By Jeff Vance | Article Published April 13, 2009
Some might wonder if the fortune spent on the open source vendor was a wise move, but look at the burgeoning virtual desktop infrastructure market and you’ll see the point.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Citrix, VMware, XenSource
Xen Wants to Give You a Free Hypervisor
By Kenneth Hess | Article Published March 16, 2009
Citrix recently announced that its XenServer 5 product is now a free giveaway. Is there a catch?
Tags: virtualization, Intel, Citrix, VMware, Xen
Is Citrix the Real Challenge to VMware?
By Jeff Vance | Article Published March 02, 2009
Amid a swirl of partnerships, including Microsoft and Red Hat, it appears that Citrix is positioned to gain ground against the current virtualization leader.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Red Hat, Citrix, VMware
Will Virtualization Deliver as an Enabling Technology?
By Jeff Vance | Article Published February 10, 2009
Despite the hype, a number of mundane issues need to be worked out before virtualization can reach its true potential.
Tags: Microsoft, virtualization, Citrix, VMware, Salesforce.com

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