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Google Chrome OS Set to Get New Launcher
By Sean Michael Kerner | Article Published March 30, 2015
Chromebook users can opt-in to see the next generation of ChromeOS now.
Tags: Google, Chrome OS, Chromebook
Forrester: Enterprises Should Consider Chromebooks
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published July 30, 2013
The stripped-down laptops aren't for everyone, but they could fill a niche.
Tags: Google, Cloud, laptop, Gmail, Enterprise, Forrester, Chromebook
Google Chrome OS vs. Ubuntu
By Matt Hartley | Article Published March 04, 2013
See how the two operating systems compare for installation, look and feel, and peripheral support.
Tags: open source, Linux, Google, operating system, Ubuntu, Chrome, Chromebook
Coming Soon: Touchscreen Chromebooks
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 21, 2013
Unnamed sources say Google has developed new touchscreen laptops that could go on sale this year.
Tags: Google, Chrome, laptop, Touchscreens, Chromebook
Report: Google May Open Its Own Retail Stores
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 18, 2013
There are already Apple Stores and Microsoft Stores--could Google Stores be far behind?
Tags: Google, Nexus, Chromebook, Google Glass, retail-stores
HP Launches Its First Chromebook
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published February 04, 2013
The Pavilion 14 Chromebook went on sale Monday for $330.
Tags: Google, Chrome OS, HP, Notebook, laptop, Chromebook
Acer Says Chromebooks Are Selling, Windows 8 Isn't
By Cynthia Harvey | Article Published January 28, 2013
The PC maker's CEO describes Microsoft's new operating system as "still not successful."
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Windows 8, Acer, Chromebook
Google Chrome OS, Take Two: New Software and Chromebooks
By Datamation.com Staff | Article Published May 30, 2012
Two new Samsung devices run the revamped OS: the Chromebook Series 5 550 and the Chromebox 3.
Tags: Google, operating system, Chrome, Samsung, OS, Chromebook
Chromebooks and Chrome OS: Good for Your Business?
By  | Article Published September 01, 2011
Chromebooks and the Chrome OS aren't a good fit for every business. We take a look at the pluses and minuses of this cloud computing-based approach.
Tags: cloud computing, Google, Chrome, Web OS, Chromebook
Will Google's Chromebooks Play Well with Linux?
By Matt Hartley | Article Published May 31, 2011
Google’s forthcoming Web-centric Chromebooks are likely to offer an overly controlled computing experience.
Tags: open source, Linux, cloud computing, Google, Chromebook

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