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Technologies Holding Back the Linux Desktop
By Matt Hartley | Article Published December 01, 2009
A combination of hardware and software challenges slow the adoption of the Linux desktop.
Tags: Google, wireless, Linux desktop, Intel, Broadcom
MSFT Miss Prompts Recovery Fears
By - Reuters | Article Published July 24, 2009
The software giant's earnings shortfall calls into a question a near term economic recovery.
Tags: Microsoft, iPhone, Intel, Dell, Broadcom
Data Storage Industry: "Intense Vendor Jockeying"
By Drew Robb | Article Published June 25, 2009
A look inside the turbulence churning through the once staid data storage industry.
Tags: Google, Microsoft, virtualization, VMware, Broadcom
Wireless to Get Faster -- Much Faster
By David Needle | Article Published May 11, 2009
The recently proposed standard is expected to be as much as ten times faster than current Wi-Fi standards.
Tags: wireless, Dell, wireless data, Wi-Fi, Broadcom
Linux Desktop Hardware Myths Explored
By Matt Hartley | Article Published April 08, 2009
External devices will work with Linux desktop systems, but it helps to have some background knowledge.
Tags: open source, Linux desktop, HP, Broadcom
Wi-Fi: Best Supporting Actor at CES 2009
By Lisa Phifer | Article Published January 16, 2009
Wireless HD and video content distribution took center stage at CES this year, and Wi-Fi played a critical, but quiet, supporting role in a full and varied cast of new wireless products--ranging from robotic spycams to netbooks to digital picture frames--that made their debut.
Tags: Microsoft, wireless, Intel, HP, Broadcom

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