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The Apple TV Rumors Are Wrong
By Mike Elgan | Article Published December 12, 2012
You've heard the rumor and speculation. Here's why they're way off.
Tags: iPhone, iPad, Apple, apps, Apple TV
How Apple's iOS Will Dominate Computing
By Scott Alan Miller | Article Published February 17, 2011
IOS’s app delivery system, ease of use, low power consumption and other factors will enable Apple to dominate computing – including business computing.
Tags: iphone apps, iPad apps, Apple, Apple TV, IOS
How to Succeed Like Apple
By Mike Elgan | Article Published September 02, 2010
Oddly, Apple and other tech companies have succeeded by ignoring their customers.
Tags: iphone apps, iPad apps, Apple, Apple iPad, Apple TV
Why Google's 'Smart TV' Will Succeed
By Mike Elgan | Article Published May 19, 2010
Though TV-PC convergence has often failed, Google’s Smart TV effort will likely succeed enough to redefine the term “app store.”
Tags: Google, convergence, Apple TV, Smart TV, TV Everywhere
Why I Lust After an Apple HDTV
By Don Reisinger | Article Published August 31, 2009
No, the product doesn't exist yet, but one expert greatly wishes it did.
Tags: support, iPhone, Apple TV, media
Apple to Enter TV Market?
By David Needle | Article Published August 24, 2009
A well-respected Apple watcher says Apple will launch a TV by 2011.
Tags: video, wireless, smartphones, Apple, Apple TV

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