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Posted December 21, 2010

Cynthia Harvey

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Ultimate list of open source software:

Accounting to Audio Tools // Backup to Cloud Infrastructure // Cloud Desktop to CRM // Databases to Developer Tools // Dictionary to Encryption // Emulators to Foreign Language // Forensics to Graphics Editors // Healthcare to Modeling // Multimedia to Network Simulation // Office to POS // Portable Apps to Smoking Cessation // Speech to Typing // Utilities to Web Editors

Open Source Software: Multimedia Tools

459. Data Crow

This app lets you create a single catalog that organizes all of your online and offline music, videos, books, photos, and other collections in one place. It connects to Web services to retrieve information about your books, movies, and music, and it has a loan feature that makes it easy to track who borrowed your stuff. Operating System: OS Independent

460. InfraRecorder

This Windows-only CD and DVD burner creates both audio and data CDs. Notable capabilities include support for dual layer DVDs, four different methods for erasing rewriteable media and fast creation of disc copies. Operating System: Windows.

461. MediaInfo

MediaInfo finds tags and technical data for audio and video files, as well as some text files. It supplies the title, artist, director, number of tracks, and much, much more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, and others.

462. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

This is an updated version of the original Media Player Classic project that is no longer under development. It has a very small footprint and a number of unique features, including the ability to use your Android phone as a remote control. Operating System: Windows.

463. MediaPortal

This app doesn't just let you play video and audio files, it also lets you watch and record TV like a DVR, from any TV or PC on your home network. It helps turn your standard PC into a Home Theater PC (HTPC). Operating System: Windows.

464. MMConvert

In addition to converting audio files, this app also handles many video files types, including asf, wmv, wma, avi, mp3, wav, mkv, mka, and ogg. Note that you may also need to download some codecs in order to convert some files. Operating System: Windows.

465. Mplayer

This Linux-only player handles a huge number of audio and video file types, drivers, and languages. It's also racked up an impressive collection of awards. Operating system: Linux

466. VLC Media Player

This project's Web site boasts, "It plays everything!" It supports a huge list audio and video formats and can even play many damaged files. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others.

467. XBMC Media Player

This multi-platform player has also won multiple awards and plays nearly all types of audio and video files. It was designed for home theater PCs (HTPCs) and supports most remote controls. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

468. xine

Like most of the other entries on this list, Xine plays an impressive list of audio and video file formats. The interface is user-friendly and skinnable, with a variety of front-ends available. Operating System: OS X, Linux.

Open Source Software: Multiple Function Security Solutions

469. Bastille Linux

Formerly known as Bastille Linux, Bastille UNIX hardens your system to decrease the likelihood of a successful attack. Along the way, it asks you questions about your computer use and provides additional information about security topics, so that you're not only protecting your system, you're also educating yourself. Operating System: Linux, Unix, OS X.

470. Network Security Toolkit (NST)

Like INSERT, NST includes a whole lot of tools and a complete Linux distribution that fits on a CD-ROM. In this case, you get nearly 100 tools and the Linux copy is based on Fedora. Operating System: OS Independent.

471. OSSIM

Short for "Open Source Security Information Management," OSSIM combines 12 separate open source security tools, including Snort, Nessus, Nagios, and others. The dual goals are to prevent intrusions and give administrators a complete, detailed view of the entire network. Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD, Solaris.

472. Security and Privacy Complete

This app gives you control over a number of system settings and settings for Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. A handy tooltip feature lets you know what each function does and why you might want to enable or disable it. Operating System: Windows.

Open Source Software: Music Education

473. BestPractice

Learning to play a song by ear? BestPractice slows down the speed of the music without lowering the pitch. That makes it easier to for people who play by ear to learn a new piece. Operating System: Windows.

474. GNU Solfege

Want to improve your ear for music? GNU Solfege helps you learn to identify and sing intervals, sing chords, remember rhythmic patterns, and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

475. Impro-Visor

This "Improvisation Advisor" helps aspiring jazz musicians learn to compose their own solos. In addition to teaching students to understand improvisation, it can also improvise on its own or transcribe music. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

476. LenMus

If you're learning to play an instrument or writing your own compositions, you may want to check out this app. It offers a number of different exercises to improve your music theory knowledge, as well as a score editor. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Open Source Software: Network Firewalls

477. Devil-Linux

Originally designed as a firewall only, Devil-Linux can also be used as a server and includes a number of networking features. Unlike most other firewall apps, it's designed to run completely from a CD-ROM and Flash drive instead of using your system's hard drive. Operating System: Linux.

478. FireHOL

FireHOL describes itself as "a language to express firewalling rules." It lets you configure an iptables based firewall using four basic commands. Operating System: Linux.

479. Firestarter

Unlike most of the open-source firewalls, Firestarter can protect a single PC, as well as a network. Best of all, you can probably install it and be up and running in just a couple of minutes. Operating System: Linux.

480. IPCop

Instead of buying a firewall appliance, you can make your own with IPCop and an old PC. Note that while IPCop does provide a firewall for your network, it does not include anti-virus and some of the other features of the commercial product. Operating System: Linux.

481. LEAF

The "Linux Embedded Appliance Framework" (aka LEAF) can be used as an Internet gateway, router, firewall, or wireless access point. This app requires a little more know-how than some of the other choices in the category, but is still a good option. Operating System: Linux.

482. Sentry Firewall

This app can operate as a network firewall, server or IDS node. It boots directly from a CD, making it very easy to set up a firewall quickly. Operating System: Linux. 483. ShellTer

An iptables-based firewall, ShellTer offers quite a bit of customization capability. Features include port forwarding, blacklisting, whitelisting, and more. Operating System: Linux.

484. Shorewall

Shorewall offers "iptables made easy." The QuickStart Guide offers complete directions on using it to configure a gateway/firewall to protect a single IP address or multiple IP addresses. Operating System: Linux.

485. SmoothWall Express

Because it's designed to be used by people with no knowledge of Linux, SmoothWall Express is an excellent option if you aren't a technical whiz, but want to tackle setting up your own network. Operating System: Linux.

486. Turtle Firewall

Based on Iptables, Turtle Firewall lets you turn an old PC into a Linux-based network firewall. You can configure it via a helpful Web interface or by editing XML files directly. Operating System: Linux.

487. Vuurmuur

This is yet another Iptables-based Firewall, this time designed to be very easy to use. It also enables remote administration via SSH. Operating System: Linux.

Open Source Software: Network Management

488. OpenNMS

OpenNMS bills itself as "the world’s first enterprise grade network management application platform developed under the open source model." It offers a vast list of features for automated and directed discovery, event and notification management, service assurance and performance management. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS.


This tool's unappetizing name doesn't make much sense until you realize it's an acronym for Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ. It helps network admins track changes to the network (and solve any resulting problems) by backing up configurations. In addition to Cisco products, it also supports Juniper routers, Catalyst switches, Foundry switches, Redback NASs, and ADC EZT3 muxes. Operating System: Linux.

490. Zenoss Core

Zenoss combines a configuration management database with availability and performance monitoring, event management and reporting. It also includes a Web portal and dashboards so that administrators can see what's happening with their IT systems at a glance. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

Open Source Software: Network Monitoring/Scanning/Intrusion Detection

491. AFICK

Designed as a Tripwire replacement, AFICK ("Another File Integrity Checker") is useful both for security purposes and software management. It's designed to be both quick and portable. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

492. AIM Sniff

Want to find out how much time employees are wasting with instant messaging? AIM monitors and archives AOL and MSN instant messages across your network. Operating System: Linux, FreeBSD, OS X.

493. Angry IP Scanner

Also known as "ipscan," Angry IP Scanner scans IP addresses and ports very quickly. It can generate reports that include NetBIOS information (computer name, workgroup name, and currently logged in Windows user), favorite IP address ranges, web server detection, and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

494. Cacti

This tool offers a user-friendly interface to manage and graph network data stored in a RRDTool database. If you have a large network, you'll probably want a separate plug-in to collect data, such as Spine. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

495. Ganglia

Specifically designed for high performance computing systems such as clusters and grids, Ganglia uses a highly scalable hierarchical architecture. It was built for the UC Berkeley Millennium Project, and you can view a demo of that network's operation from the site. Operating System: Linux, others.

496. Kismet

Kismet is a combination wireless network detector, packet sniffer, and IDS. Often used to detect unprotected or hidden networks, it's a valuable tool for checking the security of your wireless network, as well as monitoring network activity. Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD.

497. Knocker

This simple TCP security port scanner works on multiple platforms and is easy to use. Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix.

498. Munin

Munin is designed to help network administrators spot trends and figure out the root cause of performance problems. And in case you're wondering, the name comes from Norse mythology and means "memory." Operating System: Linux, OS X.

499. Nagios

Nagios calls itself "the industry standard in open source monitoring," and it aims to help identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes. It sends alerts when it detects problems with your networks, and its reporting and graphs can help with capacity planning. Note that it can monitor multiple platforms, including Windows, but it runs on Unix-like systems. Operating system: Linux, Unix.

500. NDT

NDT is short for "Network Diagnostic Tool," and it does just that—diagnosing network performance problems. It's a client/server app that requires a Linux server; however, the client can run on any system with Java installed. It's not as robust as some of the other full monitoring tools on our list, but it does this one thing very well. Operating System: Linux.

501. Net-SNMP

As you might guess from the name, this tool uses SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 protocols to monitor the health of network equipment. Because it focuses only on SNMP it's not as complete as the commercial monitoring software or many of the other open source options on our list. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

502. NSAT

Short for "Network Security Analysis Tool," NSAT performs bulk scans for 50 different services and hundreds of vulnerabilities. It provides professional-grade penetration testing and comprehensive auditing. Operating System: Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, OS X.

503. Open Source Tripwire

Although the full version of Tripwire now has a proprietary license, you can still download the older (2000) version that was open source. It's useful for monitoring networks and sending alerts when changes occur. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

504. Opsview Community

Opsview combines several different open source tools, including the Nagios engine, into a single monitoring tool with an easy-to-use Web interface. The commercial enterprise edition adds support and some additional features. Operating System: Linux.

505. OSSEC

With more than 5,000 downloads a month, this IDS is among the world's most popular. Commercial support is available through Third Brigade. Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, BSD, Solaris.

506. Pandora FMS

The "FMS" stands for "Flexible Monitoring System," and it's apt because Pandora can monitor applications, servers, network equipment, or even stock market trends. It features an attractive GUI and can create graphs based on both real-time and stored historical data. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

507. SEC

Although we put this app in the Network Monitoring category, the Simple Event Coordinator (SEC) actually works with many different applications. To use it, you set up a set of rules that specify what actions you want to occur whenever a particular event occurs. Operating System: OS Independent.

508. SniffDet

This tool implements a number of different open-source tests to see if any of the machines in your network are running in promiscuous mode or with a sniffer. Note that some of the documentation for this app is in Portuguese. Operating System: Linux.

509. Snort

Boasting of millions of downloads and more than 200,000 registered users, Snort claims to be the mostly widely deployed intrusion detection and prevention system in the world and "the de facto standard for IPS." Developed by Sourcefire, it combines the benefits of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection in a single download. Operating System: Linux, Unix, OS X.

510. snort_inline

This modified version of Snort uses iptables and IPFW instead of libpcap. It describes itself as "an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that uses existing Intrusion Detection System (IDS) signatures to make decisions on packets that traverse snort_inline." Operating System: Linux.

511. TcpDump

Like Wireshark, tcpdump performs packet analysis, but it doesn't have nearly as many bells and whistles. It's a command-line tool that works on Linux only. Operating System: Linux.

512. WinDump

As you might guess from the name, this tool offers a Windows version of tcpdump. Operating System: Windows.

513. Wireshark

With a huge set of awards to its credits and a huge user base, Wireshark has the right to call itself "the world's foremost network protocol analyzer." Its capabilities include deep packet inspection of hundreds of protocols, live capture and offline analysis, very powerful display filters, rich VoIP analysis, and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

514. Zabbix

This enterprise-class distributed monitoring system can track up to 1 million metrics for 100,000 networked devices. Commercial support and appliances are also available. Operating System: Windows (agent only), Linux, OS X.

Open Source Software: Network Simulation

515. GNS3

Useful for research, designing networks, or studying for certifications, GNS3 allows users to experiment with Cisco and Juniper configurations. It also simulates simple Ethernet, ATM and frame relay switches. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Ultimate list of open source software:

Accounting to Audio Tools // Backup to Cloud Infrastructure // Cloud Desktop to CRM // Databases to Developer Tools // Dictionary to Encryption // Emulators to Foreign Language // Forensics to Graphics Editors // Healthcare to Modeling // Multimedia to Network Simulation // Office to POS // Portable Apps to Smoking Cessation // Speech to Typing // Utilities to Web Editors

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