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Posted December 21, 2010

Cynthia Harvey

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Ultimate list of open source software:

Accounting to Audio Tools // Backup to Cloud Infrastructure // Cloud Desktop to CRM // Databases to Developer Tools // Dictionary to Encryption // Emulators to Foreign Language // Forensics to Graphics Editors // Healthcare to Modeling // Multimedia to Network Simulation // Office to POS // Portable Apps to Smoking Cessation // Speech to Typing // Utilities to Web Editors

Open Source Software: Backup

62. Amanda

Used on more than half a million servers and desktops, Amanda is a tremendously popular client-server backup solution. It can write to tape and disk at the same time, and it supports both 4096-bit keys with public-key cryptography and 256-bit AES encryption. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

63. Areca Backup

Areca Backup offers compression, encryption, file version tracking, backup simulation, and many other features. In addition to typical incremental, differential, and full backup options, it also offers delta backup, which only stores the modified parts of files. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

64. Bacula

Designed for enterprise users, the Bacula network backup solution finds the middle ground between ease of use and advanced features. It can scale from a single system to a network of hundreds of thousands. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

65. Partimage

This disk backup tool includes network support. It's also helpful for network administrators because it offers the ability to install identical software on a whole fleet of computers at once. Operating System: Linux.

66. Redo

Redo Backup and Recovery lets you re-boot from a CD or thumb drive, eliminating the need to re-install Windows if you get hit with malware. Key features include bare-metal restore, deleted file recovery, drive reset and an easy-to-use GUI. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

Open Source Software: Billing

67. jBilling

Used by a variety of ISPs, telecoms, ASPs, media and software companies, jBilling makes it easy to manage even the most complicated subscription systems. It's Web-based and completely scalable, so it can grow with your company. Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Software: Biology

68. ByoDyn Scientists building models of biochemical networks or pathways can use ByoDyn to estimate and analyze the parameters underlying these processes. In addition to the downloadable version, it can also be accessed online as a Web app. Operating System: Linux, OS X.

69. GenoCAD

Granted, this is something the average user will likely never download, but the Virginia Bioformatics Institute has made this gene sequencing software available through an open source license. It's helping make possible some cutting edge scientific research. Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Software: Blogging

70. LifeType

While it doesn't offer free hosting like some of the others on this list, LifeType does offer an excellent platform for creating your own blog or even an entire Web site. Key features include an easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface, integrated media management, a good template library, built-in anti-spam, and support for multiple authors. Operating System: OS Independent

71. MovableType MovableType bills itself as an "all-in-one social publishing platform" with Web site creation, content management and social networking features, in addition to its blog publishing features. It shares some code with TypePad. Operating System: OS Independent

72. Nucleus CMS

It bills itself as a Content Management System, but in reality Nucleus is primarily a tool for setting up a blog and hosting it on your own server. Features include a built-in commenting tool, URLs optimized for readers, and multi-lingual support. Operating System: OS Independent.

73. WordPress

One of the most popular blogging platforms, WordPress is currently the home of more than 25 million blogs. It also offers enough template options and special features that some people use it to host their entire sites. Operating System: OS Independent

Open Source Software: Browsers

74. Chromium

Chromium is the open source project behind Google's Chrome browser, and it's also the base for several other, less popular open source browsers. It's best known for being lightweight and fast. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, ChromeOS

75. Firefox

According to the latest figures from NetApplications, about 23 percent of all people on the Web use the Firefox browser. Its key benefits over Internet Explorer are its speed, security and huge library of add-ons and themes. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

76. K-Meleon

Very similar to Firefox, K-Meleon aims to let the user have absolute control over how the browser looks and feels. It also lets you choose whether to use a Favorites, Hotlist, and/or Bookmarks list, and it supports mouse gestures. Operating System: Windows

77. Tor Browser Bundle

If you're really paranoid about privacy or have other reasons for wanting to browse the Internet anonymously, the Tor Bundle will install with your existing browser for ultimate protection. When it's running, no one can tell what sites you are visiting, sites can't figure out your physical location, and you should be able to access sites that are blocked by governments or Web filtering software. You can also install it on a thumb drive for mobility. Operating System: Windows.

Open Source Software: Bugtrackers

78. Bugzilla

More than 1,000 groups use Bugzilla to track their software bugs, including Mozilla, Facebook, the Linux kernel and NASA. The Web-based system makes it easy to manage code changes, issue patches and stay in communication with other members of your development team. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X


The GNU bug tracking system stores information about software defects in a central searchable database. It can be accessed via a variety of interfaces and can send communication to team members as needed. Operating System: OS Independent

Open Source Software: Business Rule Management System

80. JBoss Drools

A competitor to commercial software like Blaze Advisor and JRules, Drools describes itself as a business logic integration platform for rules, workflow and event processing. It includes five separate modules: Drools Guvnor (BRMS/BPMS), Drools Expert (rule engine), Drools Flow (process/workflow), Drools Fusion (event processing/temporal reasoning) and Drools Planner (automated planning). Operating System: OS Independent

Open Source Software: Bulletin Board

81. phpBB

The world’s most widely used open source forum creation software, phpBB, lets you set up an online community in just minutes. It includes the ability to send attachments, create unlimited sub-forums, add custom BBCodes, and many other features. Operating System: OS independent.

Open Source Software: Business Intelligence (BI)

82. JasperSoft

"The world's most widely used business intelligence software," Jaspersoft was named the fastest growing BI vendor by Gartner in 2009. Currently, more than 100 companies use its award-winning cloud-based service, Jaspersoft Live. Operating System: OS Independent.

83. JMagallanes

JMagallanes users can create static reports, pivot tables and charts from SQL, Excel, XML, and other file types. The interface isn't particularly polished, but it gets the job done. Operating System: OS Independent

84. Mondrian

From the makers of Pentaho, Mondrian is a Java-based OLAP engine. That means you can use it to analyze large SQL databases without knowing how to write SQL. Operating System: OS Independent.

85. OpenI

OpenI was specifically designed for on-demand and SaaS deployments. It helps users visualize data from OLAP and relational databases through reports and dashboards. Operating System: OS Independent.

86. OpenReports

Another Web-based reporting tool, OpenReports leverages many other open source projects to provide a very powerful and flexible reporting engine. The commercial version adds capabilities like dashboards and conditional scheduling. Operating System: OS Independent

87. Palo BI Suite

The "first open source, software as a service, business intelligence solution," Palo's SaaS edition can help companies reduce their hardware, maintenance and installation costs. It offers planning, analysis and reporting capabilities that are a step up from using a spreadsheet application. Operating System: OS Independent.

88. Pentaho

Pentaho's business intelligence suite includes reporting, analysis, dashboards, data integration and data mining modules. The on-demand version also includes "data services on–demand," a thin-client Agile BI data wizard. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

89. RapidMiner

"One of the most widely used data mining and predictive analysis solutions world-wide," RapidMiner includes more than 400 data mining operators that can be used independently or combined. The fee-based enterprise editions add other business intelligence capabilities, as well as support and warranties. Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Software: Business Process Management/Business Performance Management (BPM)

90. Adaptive Planning

An alternative to Excel-based processes, Adaptive Planning calls itself "the worldwide leader in on-demand budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions." In addition to the free open-source version, it offers paid corporate and enterprise editions that can be installed on-premise or accessed on demand. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

91. ProcessMaker

Used by well-known companies like Toyota, Lenovo and Honeywell, ProcessMaker aims to simplify and optimize workflows. The enterprise edition is available either on-site or in-the-cloud, with a free 30-day trial. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

92. uEngine

The uEngine BPM suite includes three separate components: BPM Foundation with a process engine and modeling tool; the process portal with personalization, single sign-on, and dashboard capabilities; and the BP Analyzer with OLAP analyzing and charting abilities. It supports multiple languages, including English, but because it is developed by a Korean company, parts of the Web site and interface sound strange to native English speakers. Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Software: Business Suites

93. ADempiere ERP Business Suite

Compared to the other open-source ERP options, Adempiere is much more community-oriented. It also includes some POS and CRM functionality, and integrates well with a number of other business-focused open source applications. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others

94. allocPSA

This web-based suite includes a dashboard, bookkeeping, project management, time tracking, to do lists, CRM, calendar, and much more, all designed specifically to meet the needs of professional service organizations. The Web site includes a video that provides a helpful overview of the key features. Operating System: OS Independent

95. Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution

Designed for multi-site, multi-national corporations, Compiere offers dashboards, reporting, customer history, and a variety of other tools designed to help users keep track of what's happening within their businesses. It can be deployed on-site on in the cloud through Amazon EC2. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

96. Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Designed for small to medium sized companies, freelancers or foundations, Dolibarr offers a modular approach to ERP and CRM that lets you install only the functions you need. It installs on your Web server and can be accessed from any browser. The Web site includes a number of screenshots and an online demo so that you can see how it works before you download. Operating System: OS Independent

97. GNU Enterprise

GNU Enterprise contains a host of developer and ERP tools, including human resources, accounting, CRM, project management, supply chain management, and e-commerce features. Its modular design and open architecture make it easy to customize and easy to maintain. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

98. JAllInOne ERP/CRM

Despite its name, JAllInOne is primarily an ERP solution with some basic CRM functions. It provides all the standard ERP functionality and supports multiple users, multiple languages, and multiple companies. Operating System: OS Independent.

99. JFire

Key features of this ERP/CRM/SCM suite include product management, sales and purchases, billing and accounting, customer relationship management, issue tracking and reporting. In addition to the link above, additional information can be found on the jFire community site. Operating System: OS Independent

100. Ohioedge

Ohioedge combines CRM and BPM features in a Java-based app. The site is light on documentation, but does include a helpful test drive that lets you see how the software can be used. Operating System: OS Independent.

101. opentaps

Used by Toyota, Honeywell, and others, Opentaps combines ecommerce, Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse and Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, and Financial Management with Business Intelligence and mobility integration. Like several of the others in this category, it's also available in the cloud through Amazon. Operating System: Windows, Linux

102. Plazma ERP + CRM

While heavy on CRM features, Plazma does also offer some ERP functions. The interface is fairly bare-bones, but it gets the job done for small businesses. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

103. TNT Concept

This app isn't designed to replace existing financial management applications; rather, it works alongside them and adds management and CRM functionality. It's available on an SaaS basis from Spanish company Autentia, which originally developed the software for its own internal use. Operating System: OS Independent.

Open Source Software: CAD

104. BRL-CAD

Originally developed by the military, BRL-CAD has been around for more than 20 years, so it's both stable and full-featured. Its modeling capabilities have been used to design and analyze vehicles, houses, mechanical parts, weapons systems and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others.

105. Archimedes

Aimed primarily at architects, Archimedes can create both 2D and 3D designs like AutoCAD. However, because it's still in the earlier stages of development, its features aren't quite as robust as AutoCAD. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

Open Source Software: Chemistry

106. Jmol

This java-based app lets students create diagrams of atoms, molecules, macromolecules, crystals, and more. The site includes a handbook and tutorials for helping you learn how to use the software. Operating System: OS Independent.

107. Kalzium

Kalzium offers a free guide to the periodic table, including chemical data, energy information, diagrams, and a glossary. It also includes a helpful equation solver and calculator. (Note that in order to use Kalzium on Windows, you'll have to download KDE for Windows.)Operating System: Windows, Linux.

108. ProtoMol

ProtoMol is a framework for molecular dynamics simulation. It's designed to be highly flexible, easily extensible, and to meet high performance demands. Operating System: Linux, Unix, Windows.

Open Source Software: Classroom Management

109. iTALC

Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers, aka iTALC, gives teachers the tools they need to manage a computer-based classroom without the high license fees of commercial software. Key features include remote control, demo viewing, overview mode, workstation locking and VPN access for off-site students. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

110. Mando

Mando lets you create an interactive whiteboard. If you have your computer connected to a camera and a projector, you can use your laser pointer to control the computer in front of the class, just as you would use a mouse at your desk. Operating System: Linux.

Open Source Software: Cloud Infrastructure

111. OpenStack

Backed by Nasa, Rackspace and many other notable technology companies, OpenStack is building two separate cloud technologies: Compute, which provides the technology necessary to set up a cloud environment, and Object Storage for cloud-based storage. The goal is to develop standards that will promote interoperability among cloud offerings. Operating System: N/A

112. Cloud.com CloudStack

CloudStack makes it possible for enterprises and service providers to build and manage their own clouds. While the community version is completely open source, the enterprise and service provider editions use some proprietary code. Operating System: Linux

113. OpenNebula

OpenNebula bills itself as "the open source toolkit for open source computing." It is enterprise-class IaaS software that can handle hundreds of thousands of virtual machines. Operating System: Linux.

114. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus software implements scalable IaaS-style private and hybrid clouds. Community members can also access the Eucalyptus Community Cloud where they can test the software in the cloud. Operating System: Linux.

115. AppScale

Sponsored by UC Santa Barbara, this open-source version of Google App Engine provides a PaaS cloud infrastructure for development and testing purposes. It also supports Amazon EC2 and Eucalyptus. Operating System: Linux.

116. Scalr

Used by the Walt Disney Company, Accenture, and the One Laptop Per Child project, among others, Scalr automatically commissions and decommissions cloud resources as necessary to meet the needs of your Web site or Web app. The development edition is available for free and the production edition costs $99 per month, while the mission critical version costs $399 per month. Operating System: Linux.

Ultimate list of open source software:

Accounting to Audio Tools // Backup to Cloud Infrastructure // Cloud Desktop to CRM // Databases to Developer Tools // Dictionary to Encryption // Emulators to Foreign Language // Forensics to Graphics Editors // Healthcare to Modeling // Multimedia to Network Simulation // Office to POS // Portable Apps to Smoking Cessation // Speech to Typing // Utilities to Web Editors

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