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Video/Multi-Media Tools

89. VirtualDub

Virtualdub isn’t the most feature-rich video editor you’ll find, but it does provide fast video capture and processing of AVI files. It’s useful for basic trimming and cleaning up footage, and also has batch processing capabilities. Operating system: Windows.

90. FFDShow

This MPEG-4 decoder offers excellent video quality while consuming very little CPU power. It can also encode and decode a number of audio formats. Operating system: Windows.

91. MediaCoder

An all-in-one transcoder, MediaCoder can convert audio and video files among most of the most common formats. Plus, its simplified GUI works well on iPods and other mobile devices. Operating system: Windows.

92. MPlayer OS X

MPlayer is "The Movie Player for Linux." This version allows you to use it on your Mac as well. Operating system: OS X.

93. xine

This multimedia player plays CDs, DVDs, and VCDs, as well as audio/video files stored on your hard drive or streamed from the Internet. It supports all of the most common multimedia formats and some of the less common ones as well. Operating system: Linux/Unix, OS X, Solaris, All BSD Platforms.

94. WDM

This video capture driver supports Bt848, Bt849, Bt878, and Bt879 based video capture boards. It solves some of the problems in the existing drivers and attempts to take advantage of all of the features in the chipset. Operating system: Windows.

95. MediaPortal

This app aims to convert your PC into an all-in-one media center. It acts as a DVR, CD player, MP3 player, DVD player, TV, and radio, plus it organizes your files and schedules your media time. Operating system: Windows.

96. VLC Media Player

VideoLAN Client, or VLC, reads most audio and video file formats and plays both saved files and streaming media. It can also be used to stream media files in unicast or multicast. Operating system: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X.

97. LiVES

This tool allows video editors and VJs to mix, trim, and edit video clips from a simple interface. Originally named "Linux Video Editing System," LiVES now works with multiple platforms. Operating system: Linux/Unix, OS X.


98. MediaWiki

Originally written for Wikipedia, MediaWiki allows collaborative editing on documents within a familiar interface. It was designed to be run on a large server farm and requires Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Operating system: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X.

99. DokuWiki

Because it uses plain text files, DokuWiki doesn’t require a database in order to run. Its simplicity and usability make it ideal for small organizations. Operating system: OS Independent.

Window Manager

100. Fluxbox

Fluxbox is based on and very similar to the Blackbox window manager. However, it adds several new features, including configurable window tabs, iconbar, wheel scroll changes workspace, configurable titlebar, kde support, and others. Operating system: Linux.

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