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File Sharing

51. eMule

eMule bills itself as "one of the biggest and most reliable peer-to-peer file sharing clients around the world." Based on the original eDonkey2000 client, it boasts an attractive GUI and support for Vista and UPnP. Operating system: Windows.

52. Vuze (Azureus)

Currently the most popular BitTorrent client, Vuze, aka Azureus, makes it easy for novices to get started downloading hi-def video while offering plenty of features for advanced users. Operating system: Windows, Linux/Unix, OS X.

53. Ares Galaxy

This P2P file sharer supports both BitTorrent protocol and Shoutcast radio stations. It provides fast multi-source downloads, a powerful library organizer, built-in audio/video player, and filesharing chat rooms. Operating system: Windows.

54. BitTorrent

Now the standard for P2P filesharing, the BitTorrent client is still free, although some of the video available on the site now requires a fee. Because it utilizes distributed download technology, the more popular a file is, the faster it will download. Operating system: Windows, Linux/Unix.

55. DC++

This open source project is the most popular client for the Direct Connect network. It offers an easy-to-use interface that’s 100% ad- and spyware-free. Operating system: Windows.

56. Shareaza P2P

Shareaza’s claim to fame is its support for numerous P2P networks, including Gnutella2, Gnutella1, eDonkey2000/eMule, and BitTorrent. And its "Collections" feature allows users to preview album covers, song lists, and descriptions from a single screen. Operating system: Windows.

57. ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client

Based on BitTornado, ABC (Yet Another BitTorrent Client) offers some unique customization options. With this app, you can customize which information is displayed, prioritize the queuing system, and download multiple files simultaneously in the same window. Operating system: Windows.

58. Burst!

This BitTorrent client uses less memory and other resources than the original client. Key features include a torrents manager and super-seeding mode. Operating system: Windows.

59. BT++

This attempt at improving the original BitTorrent client is still a work in progress. Current features include multiple downloads in a single window, minimize to the system tray, and automatic re-starting of interrupted torrents. In the future, developers plan to add enhanced bandwidth throttling and better OS/browser integration. Operating system: Windows, Linux/Unix.

60. Gnucleus

This file sharing client allows you to access the Gnutella and G2 networks from Windows machines. Key benefits for Gnucleus include its simplicity and its unique use of sub-windows. Operating system: Windows.

61. RevConnect

Derived from DC++, RevConnect allows file sharing through the Direct Connect network. Primary improvements include multiple source downloading, automatic recycle for excessive sources, Kademlia, and partial file sharing. Operating system: Windows.

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