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Open source software for anonymous browsing and email, anti-spyware, data destruction, password management and more.
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46. Open Source Tripwire

The standard version of Tripwire is no longer open source, but this project is built on the open source code from 2000. It alerts IT managers when changes have been made in network files in order to help them detect intrusions. Operating System: Linux.

47. AFICK Like Tripwire, "Another File Integrity Checker," or AFICK for short, detects changes in files caused by network intruders. It's easy to install and can be used from the command line or a GUI. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

Network Firewall

48. IPCop

This software for home or SOHO networks turns an old PC into a Linux-based firewall. It's fairly easy to configure and maintain if you're technically minded. Operating System: Linux.

49. Devil-Linux

In addition to firewall capabilities, Devil-Linux can also act as an application server. It can boot and run directly from a CD or a thumb drive. Operating System: Linux.

50. Turtle Firewall

Another tool for helping you create your own Linux-based network firewall out of an old system, Turtle can be managed via a Web interface or by modifying XML files directly. The website offers a helpful manual with info for both newbies and those with experience with firewalls and networking. Operating System: Linux.

51. Shorewall

Shorewall, aka "Shoreline Firewall," configures the Netfilter in Linux, making it easy to manage your own firewall. You can use it either to secure a network or on an individual Linux system. Operating System: Linux.

52. Vuurmuur

Like many of the other projects in this category, Vuurmurr leverages the built-in firewall capabilities in Linux. This one comes with a basic GUI, but you're still going to need to be fairly technical in order to use it. Operating System: Linux.

Operating System

53. quantOS

This variation of Linux Mint has been hardened for greater security. It includes integration with the Tor network and leverages several other security- and privacy-related open source projects.

Password Management

54. KeePass Password Safe

One of the best ways to protect your privacy is to choose secure, unique passwords for each site or service you use. KeePass makes that easier by storing your passwords in an encrypted database—you only have to remember one master password. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

55. Password Safe

Very similar to KeePass, Password Safe also stores your passwords behind one master password. This app also gives you the option of creating multiple databases so that you can have sets of passwords for different users or separate passwords for work and home. Operating System: Windows.

Portable Apps

56. Democrakey

For privacy on the go, Democrakey bundles together apps for anonymous browsing, anonymous e-mail and IM, encryption, file shredding and anti-virus into a suite that runs from a thumb drive. You can also purchase a USB drive with Democrakey installed from Democrakey.com. Operating System: Windows.

57. Tor Browser Bundle

The Tor project also makes a portable suite that you can take with you on a thumb drive. You can also download an IM version. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Proxy Server

58. Privoxy

This non-caching Web proxy server offers advanced filtering capabilities for removing ads and protecting your privacy. You can use it to protect an individual PC or an entire network. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

Social Networking

59. ReclaimPrivacy.org

This site scans your Facebook settings and alerts you to data which you may have unintentionally made public. It's still a good idea to check your privacy settings manually, but this tool gives you a good second check to make sure you haven't divulged personal information that you didn't want to make public. Operating System: OS Independent.

60. Diaspora

Still an alpha release, Diaspora bills itself as an open source Facebook alternative that protects your privacy. Like Google+, it sorts your friends into groups so that it is easier to share information only with selected sets of people. Operating System: OS Independent.

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