50 Android Apps to Customize Your Phone

Want new Android apps to add function to your phone? Here are 50 great Android apps for your “must have” list.
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Looking for more apps with which to customize your Android phone? Look no further. Here's a list of 50 Android apps that should be on your radar. Let the downloading begin.

1) Hullomail Wish you could get visual voicemail on your Android phone? Hullomail has you covered. This app allows you to manage, send, receive and share voicemail from your phone. You can even check your voicemail from the Web. Free and paid. The paid version goes for $6.99 per year. It is ad-free and provides unlimited storage.

2) Tasker Want more fine-grained control over your Android phone? This app allows you to automate tasks and set contextual rules that make your phone behave exactly as you want it to, from automatically going into silent mode when you enter a movie theater to playing a random song from your music collection to wake you up in the morning. The options for a power user are staggering. Paid: $6.50.

3) Twicca Still hunting for a Twitter client for your Android phone? Twicca offers a massive number of features with a slick, minimalist UI. Users can add a series of plug-ins to customize Twicca to their own needs. Free.

4) Sketchbook Mobile Keep a sketchbook with you wherever you go with this full-featured app from CAD specialist Autodesk. Sketchbook Pro is a professional-grade paint and drawing application with a whole host of tools. It's great for graphic designers on the go. Paid: $0.99.

5) SetCPU for Root Users This tool allows you to change CPU settings, including overclocking and underclocking, on a rooted Motorola Droid, Nexus One, G1, G2, Samsung Galaxy S, myTouch 4G, Motorola Xoom, or one of many other devices, allowing you to increase performance or save battery life. You can even set up profiles to change settings conditionally. For instance, you can set the phone to change profiles if the charge falls below a certain point or the phone's temperature gets too high. Paid: $1.99.

Android app to customize your Android phone

Sketchbook Android app

6) Easytether Pro Looking for a solution to turn your Android phone into a mobile modem? Easytether Pro lets you tether your phone to Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu Linux, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 devices with no tether fees and without requiring root. An easy-to-use wizard guides you through the tethering process. Paid: $9.99.

7) SystemPanel App/Task Manager Want to get a better idea of what's going on inside your phone? This app integrates a task manager, app manager and system monitor to help you pinpoint which functions are using the most power and processing cycles. The system monitor can record up to a week's worth of use history. Paid: $2.99.

8) iSyncr for PC With this app you can sync your iTunes music and playlists with your Android phone. It also allows you to create smart playlists on your phone, include album art with your music, sync your ratings and playcounts between iTunes and your phone, sync your MP3 downloads on your phone back to your iTunes library, and even wirelessly sync your music to your phone with the optional iSyncr Wifi Add-on. While this app only works with a PC, a separate iSyncr for Mac app is available. Paid: $2.99.

Android app to customize your Android phone

Easy Tether Android app

9) WolframAlpha Access WolframAlpha's computational knowledge engine from your phone with this app. Also available for free via the WolframAlpha Web site, the app calculates the answers to complex mathematic and scientific problems in an instant. The app version adds a keyboard with all manner of mathematic and scientific symbols to make entering queries a snap. Paid: $1.99.

10) Tapatalk Spend a lot of time using online forums on your phone? This app provides a streamlined interface for accessing Tapatalk-enabled forums from your phone, and gives you easy access to features like private messages, thread subscriptions, photo uploads, etc. The app can be enabled on forums using vBulletin, phpBB, IPB and SMF. Paid: $2.96.

11) Anti-Virus Pro Concerned about malware, viruses and SMS spam? Anti-Virus Pro is a comprehensive security suite for Android that can scan apps, files, settings and media in real time. Paid: $9.99.

12) iTriage Mobile Health Have a medical issue and don't know what to do? This app was created by two emergency room physicians to serve as a symptom checker, medical reference tool and doctor finder. It can help you determine what your symptoms mean, what type of doctor you should visit and where the nearest appropriate healthcare providers are located. Free.

13) Kayak Flight and Hotel Search This travel app lets you search multiple airline and deal Web sites for the best price on a flight. You can use it to book your travel, hotel and car rentals, and even to check the status of your flight. Free.

14) Slacker Radio Want to create favorite radio stations and take them with you wherever you go? This app has you covered. While other apps—notably Pandora and Last.fm—also allow you to create your own radio stations, Slacker Radio has the added capability of caching music on your device for whenever you have a data signal so that you still have access to your music when you're offline, like on the subway or a long flight. Free and Paid. The free version gives you access to music streaming, while the paid version gives access to off-line caching for $4.99 a month.

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