50 iPad Apps for a Lifetime of Learning

iPad apps for learning about business, languages, music, hobbies, math and science, and more.
Posted September 28, 2010

Troy Dreier

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Yes, the iPad can be your classroom and iPad apps can be your teachers.

There are plenty of great instructional apps for the iPad, letting you learn everything from business skills to how to pair a wine with your meal. Take a look at our list of favorite iPad apps.

You just might learn something!


1) 7 Steps to a Successful Startup ($2.99): For budding entrepreneurs, this book will teach you all you need to know to grow your dream company.

2) Business English: Socializing and Small Talk ($5.99): For businesspeople who work with international partners, this guide teaches the basics of holding a conversation.

3) Dictionary of Business Terms ($7.99): Created for the average consumer, this dictionary offers a searchable reference tool for understanding business.

4) Kaplan Real Estate Terms ($29.99): If you're preparing for a licensure exam, get this guide to study 600 common real estate terms.


iPad Learning Apps

iPad app: ABC Wildlife

5) ABC Wildlife ($2.99): Let your little ones explore a world of letters, words, and animals in this engaging app.

6) Dinosaurs Unleashed! ($.99): What little kid doesn't love dinosaurs? Now they can learn everything they want about these fearsome beasts.

7) Music Learning Adventure (Free): This app uses videos, flashcards, and music to teach kids the power of music and harmony.

8) Silly Numbers ($3.99): This counting teacher has some of the best artwork you'll ever see in an iPhone app.

9) Sound Touch ($1.99): Baby can touch the screen to hear the sounds of a variety of animals and instruments.

Words and Languages

iPad Learning Apps

iPad app: 500 Daily English Mistakes

10) 500 Daily English Mistakes ($1.99): People judge you by how you speak and write. This easy guide will help you correct 500 common problems.

11) American Sign Language Flashcards ($1.99): This basic signing teacher will help kids learn letters and numbers.

12) French English Dictionary & Translator ($2.99): If you're a student of French or a traveler, you'll find plenty of uses for this inexpensive dictionary.

13) French Numbers ($1.99): French numbers are especially tricky, but this teacher will have you hearing and speaking them correctly.

14) GRE Voca ($4.99): Don't blow your GRE exam. Learn from the 6,643 prep words in this helpful app. Ideal for native Chinese speakers.

15) Japanese Phrases and Lessons ($6.99): This beautifully designed app will have you speaking conversational Japanese.

16) KanjiBox ($4.99): This app delivers a fun and efficient way to learn the Japanese language.

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