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33) Android Time Card This time clock allows you to check in and check out on your phone and then e-mail your time sheet to yourself in CSV format. It supports multiple timers and even allows you to record your mileage for when you're on the go. Paid: $2.95.

34) Mileage Ledger This app makes it easier than ever to track your mileage for business reporting. It uses GPS to automatically track and log your mileage. You can then e-mail your report directly from the app. Paid: $8.95 annually.

35) SMS2PC This app automatically forwards SMS messages to your PC if you're working on it so you don't have to reach for your phone. You can reply to messages and create new ones from your Android address book. Paid: $2.50

36) Root Explorer Root Explorer is a file manager with root access to Android's file system, including the data folder. Paid: $3.95.

37) Advanced Task Killer Pro A task manager for Android phones, Advanced Task Killer allows you to kill apps running in the background with a single click. Paid: $4.99.

38) Trip Journal Document your travel experiences with this app. It automatically tracks your itinerary in real time, keeping stats on distance, time and geography traveled. It integrates with Google Earth and allows friends and family to keep tabs on your journey. Paid: $1.99

39) aCurrency Pro This currency converter provides exchange rates for more than 160 currencies and updates the rates hourly. Its widgets provide access to historical charts. Paid: $2.99.

40) LogMeIn Ignition This app lets you securely access your computers—Windows or Mac—and all the files on them remotely from your phone. Never leave anything behind again. Paid: $29.99.

41) Documents To Go This app puts Office productivity applications in the palm of your hand. It allows you to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, as well as Adobe PDF files. You can even use the full suite of formatting options. Free and paid. The free version only gives you the ability to view documents, while the paid version unlocks all the features. $14.99.

42) FeedR News Reader This RSS reader lets you stay on top of news, sports weather, blogs and even podcasts and other content as well. It supports RSS, Atom and Pod. There are no ads, and it makes searching for RSS feeds a snap. You can even backup/restore your feed list to your SD card. Paid: $0.99.

43) runtastic Pro Keep track of your runs with this app. You can track distance, time, speed and pace for running, walking, biking and skating. It also allows you to display your favorite routes on a map and share your activities on Facebook and Twitter. Paid: $2.99.

44) Shazam Encore With this app, you can discover and buy music, find tour dates, browse videos and share your discoveries on Facebook and Twitter. You can even identify music by letting your phone "listen" to it. It also features unlimited tagging and recommendations, and goes for $4.82.

45) Doodledroid This sophisticated little drawing app gives you 21 different brushes and speed-sensitive opacity to let you unleash the artist within. Paid: $0.99.

46) CardioTrainer Pro This app, which includes GPS and pedometer functions, allows you to store and track your workouts. The history feature allows you to track your progress, and you can even compare your stats with others using the high scores feature. Paid: $9.99.

47) Thinking Space Pro Thinking Space is a mind mapping application that allows you to visualize, structure and classify ideas. You can create nodes, add notes to them and arrange them, all with a UI that makes it a snap to work with. The maps you create with this app are also compatible with PC-based Xmind and Freemind. Paid: $4.76.

48) Time Recording Pro Time Recording is an app that lets you manage your time sheet, including options like tasks, target time, hourly rate, paid overtime and multiple data/time formats. It also supports CSV export. Paid: $3.00.

49) Exchange for Android This app offers Exchange/Outlook sync for your Android! It works with Exchange 2003/2007 and allows you to sync your e-mail, contacts and calendar. It's available for a free five-day trial. After that, a license costs $19.99.

50) Tuner – gStrings Never be without an instrument tuner again. This chromatic tuner app measures sound pitch and intensity, allowing you to tune all manner of musical instruments. Paid: $1.38.

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