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Posted September 28, 2010

Troy Dreier

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Hobbies and Skills

39) 30,000 Facts ($1.99): Have fun learning factoids on the arts, business, celebrities, and much more with this browsable app.

40) Amateur Radio Exam Prep Free: Technician (Free): Join the amateur radio community. Use this to get your technician class license and become a HAM radio operator.

41) The Art of Fighting Without Fighting ($7.99): This app contains the entire text of a book on how to avoid getting into a street fight.

42) Cor.kz Wine Info ($3.99): Whether you're a wine novice or an expert, you'll enjoy learning more about the grape with this well-designed app.

43) iKnow Dogs ($4.99): This guide lets you browse more than 1,200 pictures, learn about different dog breeds, and play a learning game.

44) Magic Lesson ($2.99): Amaze your friends. Do some slight-of-hand at dinner. This app includes 46 minutes of video and 170 pictures for several kinds of illusions.

45) Portrait Classroom: Baby and Child Photography Tutorials ($1.99): Learn how to be a better photographer. This guide focuses on tricks for getting better results when photographing youngsters.

46) The Quick Guide to Buying Golf Equipment ($.99): Can you really trust that salesperson? Before you go shopping for new clubs, consult this guide and learn the basics.

47) Soccer Trainer (Free): Developed by soccer professionals, this app helps you develop your skill and improve your game, agility, and overall health.

48) Skip Marini Golf Lessons ($1.99): This app will help you improve your game without spending a fortune on golf lessons.

49) TapTyping ($3.99): If you spend your days at a keyboard, you might as well learn to use it more quickly.

50) Teach Yourself Piano ($2.99): It's not that hard. By the end of this lesson you'll be able to play a simple song or two, as well as the C Major scale.

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