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Posted September 28, 2010

Troy Dreier

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17) LearnSpanish Levels I & II (Free): The first two parts of this fast-paced, edgy, and fun Spanish language app are free. You'll love it enough to buy the rest.

18) SAT Vocabulary Practice for Dummies ($3.99): You may be a dummy when you start out with this app, but you'll be talking like a star pupil afterwards.

19) Shakespeare in Bits: Romeo & Juliet ($14.99): Don't struggle with the bard: let this fully-animated study edition of Romeo and Juliet help you learn.

20) Survival Phrases Arabic ($19.99): In minutes a day, this language helper will have you speaking Arabic.

21) Ulysses "Seen" (Free): Reading James Joyce's Ulysses is quite a challenge. Let this illustrated version—a work in progress, apparently, as it only has the first chapter—help you get started.

22) uTalk HD Icelandic ($9.99): Icelandic is notoriously difficult to learn, but this game-filled app can help you start out.

Geography and History

iPad Learning Apps

iPad app: Earth Flags HD

23) Earth Flags HD ($1.99): Learn about our fascinating world. This app teaches capitals, populations, flags, and more.

24) Presidents of the United States ($.99): Can you name them all in order? This illustrated app will teach you all about the men who led our country.

25) HD History of the United States ($.99): For only a dollar, you can learn all the things you should have learned in high school, or re-learn the events you forgot.

26) iTop People ($2.99): This highly engaging app teaches you with mini-bios of 100 famous people from around the world.


iPad Learning Apps

iPad app: Classical Music

27) Classical Music ($1.99): Never be ashamed of your lack of classical music knowledge again. This well-designed app lets you listen to 50 famous compositions and play learning games.

28) Harmonica ($.99): This app doesn't just teach harmonica; it is a harmonica! Learn how to play while you interact with the lessons.

29) My Little Note ($1.99): This piano teaching app will help kids or beginners learn the basics of reading music.

Math and Science

iPad Learning Apps

iPad app: 3D Brain

30) 3D Brain (Free): Use the iPad's touch screen to rotate and zoom around a 3D model of the human brain.

31) Algebra Boot Camp ($4.99): A math tutor has never come so cheap. This app is packed with step-by-step instructions and amazing illustrations.

32) MathBoard ($3.99): Kindergarten and elementary school kids will find help with addition, subtraction, and more.

33) Periodic Table of the Elements (Free): Select an element from this chart and you can learn all about it.

34) Science Glossary (Free): A database of scientific terms and short biographies for high school and undergraduate students.

35) Solar Walk ($2.99): This gorgeous app gives you a 3D view of the planets in our solar system as you fly among them.

36) Star Walk ($4.99): You'll love this interactive astronomy guide, which helps you discover more than 9,000 stars, planets, constellations, and more.

37) StudyPsych ($34.99): This serious study guide offers over 2,500 flash cards which are linked to articles for more information.

38) ThatQuiz Math ($3.99): This teacher works with www.thatquiz.org and includes hundreds of easily configurable math quizzes.

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