Travel Apps: 50 Android Apps to Ease Your Journey

These apps help you plan your travel, book reservations and navigate unfamiliar territory using your Android smartphone or tablet.
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Virtual meetings have replaced much of the need for business travel these days, but not all of it. People still pack their bags and hit the road in the name of the job. That’s one of the reasons mobile devices are so popular.

It’s common to have some downtime while on business travel too. Road warriors often want to know what attractions are nearby for a quick visit, or that they may want to see with friends and family on a future trip. It used to be that options for such were limited to the ads printed in the hotel magazines or brochures stacked in a lobby rack. That is say, your choice of attractions was limited to the companies that bought an ad that month or scored a niche on a side wall. Pretty much the same could be said of ads on websites.

But thanks to the marvel of mobile apps, business and pleasure travelers alike can easily find attractions—even those off the beaten path. They can also buy and change plane and train tickets and score the best rates at hotels. Here are 50 Android apps that can help you make the most of your next business trip or vacation.

1. Kayak.


With Kayak, you can compare multiple flights, hotels and rental car cites so you can find the cheapest deals and you can book them from the app too. Plus, the app will enable you to easily manage your itinerary and find related info. FREE.

2. Lonely Planet.

Want comprehensive city and country guides with lots of useful details including little known local secrets, the best way to get around, and an online/offline translator that will help you get around even if you can’t read the street signs? Then this is the app for you. Download the version that matches the city at home or abroad that you intend to visit, and everything you need to know is at your fingertips. Most city apps are .99 but some range up to $4.99.

2. Street View on Google Maps.

If you’re an Android fan, you probably already know of Google Maps. But did you know that the street view app is very handy in locating your meeting or attraction in places where you don’t speak the language and can’t read the street signs? One glance at this app, and you’ll recognize the place instantly! FREE.

3. Öffi - Public Transport Buddy.

Trying to get around Europe using public transportation? This app is a big help. It shows departure times, nearby stations, interactive network plans, and door-to-door directions for your trip. Be careful though, it works better for large cities than smaller ones and occasionally shows old connections that haven’t been updated. FREE

4. Yelp.


Customer reviews of establishments can steer you clear of disappointments and guide you to better places. But this app can do more than serve up reviews. You can make reservations, see what’s open now, find great deals, and even use augmented reality (via Monocle) to see information virtually imposed on the real world. FREE

5. Poynt.

A great travel companion, Poynt tells you most of what you’ll need to know from weather forecasts to “what’s nearby,” plus it enables you to make restaurant reservations, buy movie tickets, and get instant deals. And you can even locate people in your contact list to see who is close by that you might want to meet up with. FREE

6. TeleNav GPS Navigator.

This route planner offers three choices, so you can choose the shortest, least traffic congested, or most scenic way to get there. Features include live traffic reports and voice-activated commands. It also provides user-generated ratings and reviews of destinations. FREE

7. EMNet findER.

This app locates the closest hospital emergency room in the U.S. This information is useful to any traveler but especially to anyone with chronic medical conditions or traveling with someone with health problems. FREE

8. AR First Aid -Emergency & Home.

This offline emergency tool can save lives wherever an accident or attack occurs. Hiking or camping somewhere without a phone signal? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use this app to learn what to do in case of an accident, animal attack, heart attack, or illness onset. FREE

9. GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas.

This app shows you the cheapest gas nearest you. You also could win a $250 prize simply for adding the gas prices you find on your trip to help other app users, and you score redeemable points too. FREE

10. FlightTrack.

This is an international flight tracking app that provides zoomable maps, real-time departure info, delays, gate numbers, cancellations and more. $4.99

11. Urbanspoon.

Can’t decide where to eat? Shake your phone and this app will make suggestions nearby to your current location. It includes restaurants and eateries in the U.S., Canada, and major cities in the U.K. and Australia. FREE

12. Daum Maps.

Headed to Korea? This app will tell you everything you need to know from public transportation stops, car routes and walking routes to restaurants, attractions and store floor plans. FREE

13. m-Indicator.

Headed to Mumbai? This app will give you the local train timetable, bus routes, auto and taxi information, scenic stops, movie schedules, Sodexo outlets, and other useful information. FREE

14. XE Currency.

This app converts currency worldwide. Use it to calculate how much that trinket or ticket costs you in your own currency and how much that translates to in the currency you are using abroad. FREE

15. OpenTable.

Make instant and guaranteed reservations at over 27,000 registered restaurants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Users wanting to dine in the UK must use the mobile website to make reservations. FREE

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