Android Apps: 35 Free Must-Have Apps

Free Android apps go a long way toward making your mobile devices its very best.
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Whoever said “all the best things in life are free” probably wasn’t referring to free Android apps. Nonetheless, the adage holds true. Given the surprisingly wide array of free Android apps, you can outfit your device to do pretty much anything you want it to do and not spend a dime in the process.

Pretty sweet deal, yes?

To get you started, here are the top 35 free must-have apps:

1) Photo Grid.  This is a top-notch photo collage and video creator app you’ll adore for its ease of use and its seemingly endless creative possibilities. It is also the top photo sharing app for Instagram but it’s popularly used for other social media as well. Be careful though. It’s so much fun you might find yourself playing with it for hours instead of doing other stuff.

2) PicsArt - Photo Studio This app is another huge favorite and it’s packed with a ton of functionality on par with Photoshop. It’s amazing really that an app developer could fit all these features inside a mobile app. While this app is a favorite among pro photographers and artists, almost anyone can easily use it.

3)Flipagram This app lets you make video stories from your photos. You customize the timing, pick the music, give it a title (and a watermark too if you wish), and tell the story the way you want it told. You can do everything in three easy steps and then keep the video for your own private use or share it with the world on social media.

4) Quickoffice This is a free Google app that enables you to create and edit Microsoft Office files. Be sure to save your work in the cloud (up to 15GB storage is free!) with the save to Google Drive feature. That way you can retrieve your work any time on any device.

5) Mobile Doc Scanner Lite This app turns your device camera into a document scanner. Scan any document and the app will convert it to a PDF that you can share and store anywhere from social media to Google Docs and Dropbox. You can even scan receipts to file that expense report!

6) Docs To Go - Free Office Suite This app enables you to view, create and edit Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files on your phone or tablet. Save and sync with all your devices or to a cloud service of your choice – or simply leave them neatly organized inside the app.    

7) PrinterShare --Mobile Print This app lets you print anything on your device – files, PDFs, photos, emails, stuff in cloud storage, and more. Not every printer is supported though so run a test page first on the free app before entertaining any notion of buying the upgraded app. Many people find the free version more than suitable for their print-from-mobile needs though.

8) AppLock This app lets you lock up other apps so the information in them stays private. You’ll never have to worry about letting someone use your phone or about people snooping on you by reading your phone again. Plus, is a thief steals your phone, they can’t get to your private info either! It’s also a good way to keep young kids from messing up your files when playing with your mobile device. Lock photos, social media apps, work apps, just any app at all that you want to keep available for your eyes only.

9) Fingerprint App Lock Want to protect your apps from prying eyes? Or maybe you want to make sure your phone can’t be used at all without your permission? But you don’t want to have to remember even more passwords and pin codes? Use this app instead and all you’ll need to open apps or your phone is your fingerprint pressed on the screen.

10 KAYAK This travel app lets you compare hundreds of travel sites to find the best deal on hotels, flights and care rentals. You can also quickly check your travel itinerary, baggage fees, flight numbers, and other related info to stay on track while on the go.

11 TripAdvisor This app will help you find the best rates for hotels and flights but also serves up user reviews and candid photos so you know what you’re getting for your money. You can easily share your travel itinerary with co-travelers or friends and family. Plus, this app makes it easy to find restaurants and great sights to see nearby.

12) TripAdvisor City Guides Catalog Choose the city you plan to visit and download the guide through this app so you’re sure to get the most out of your trip. Plus the app works offline so you don’t have to worry about finding a connection or a signal to use it and you don’t have to worry about running up data fees with your carrier, no matter how much you use this app!

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