50 Fun Android Apps: Gaming and Entertainment

50 Android apps to provide a little fun, including some classic choices along with some lesser known apps.
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Android phones aren't just for work. They're great for play too. Here are 50 apps for your Android phone that will entertain and enthrall you.

1) Nesoid Lite This Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator allows you to play every NES game ever made right on your Android phone. You'll have to take responsibility for the legality of your ROMs. Free.

2) Kongregate Arcade for Android Want to stay up on the newest and hottest Flash games around? This app gives you free access to more than 300 games from the Kongregate community and fully integrates with your existing Kongregate Web account. Free.

3) Angry Birds It's one of the most popular mobile games around for a reason. Use physics to help the Angry Birds destroy the piggies that have stolen their eggs. Free.

4) Cut the Rope If you like Angry Birds, you may just love Cut the Rope. In this game, you use your finger to slash ropes at the correct time and in the correct order to feed the Om Nom candy. It's more challenging than it looks! Paid: $1.01.

5) Plants vs. Zombies It's been one of the most highly anticipated Android games, and it's finally here. In this game, you have to defend your home from 26 different types of zombies using an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants. Paid: $0.99.

6) Robo Defense Can't get enough tower defense games? You can put this one in your pocket. It features five maps and unlimited upgrades and difficulty levels. Paid: $2.99.

7) Bonsai Blast This casual game, reminiscent of the classic game Zuma, has you firing colored marbles into a winding trail of colored marbles in an effort to make color matches and clear the path. Fun and addictive! Free.

8) Words with Friends Free Enjoying playing Scrabble? Take it to you phone with this game. Best of all, you can play your friends whether they're using an Android phone or an iPhone. Free.

9) TriviaRoad Do trivia games get you going? This fun little trivia game offers up general culture questions on football, cinema, countries, special places, inventors, inventions, literature, music and more. Free.

10) NeuralNet In this speed-based maze game, you take the role of a nanobot injected into a human brain to restore it by reconnecting its neurons. It will give both your brain and your index finger a workout. Paid: $1.99.

11) Google Sky Map Hold your phone up to the sky, and this app uses the location service and tilt sensor to figure out where you are looking and overlays constellations and astronomical object information. It's a fun tool for exploring the stars! Free.

12) Fandango This is a solid client for using Fandango's services to check movie times and purchase tickets. Free.

13) Flixster Use this app to keep up with everything about the movies. In addition to movie reviews and show times, you can watch trailers and clips from just about any movie. Free.

14) Android Comic Viewer (ACV) This is a solid, no-frills CBR/CBZ viewer. Use it to read all those comic archives that you…found lying around. Free.

16) Tricorder A Trekker geek toy, this app turns your phone into a tricorder. The coolest thing about it is that it actually uses real data from your phone's sensors. It can display acceleration, the local magnetic field, an analysis of the local acoustic environment, your location from various providers, the availability and strength of cellular and Wi-Fi signals and the current state of the sun and solar wind. Free.

17) FxCamera Have some fun taking photos on your Android phone by adding filters, including the fisheye and the Warhol effects. Free.


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