50 Android Apps to Customize Your Smartphone

Android apps to extend battery life, improve communication, optimize RAM and otherwise boost your smartphone’s performance. 
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Looking for more Android apps to customize your smartphone? Look no further. Here's a list of 50 sweet apps that should be on your radar.

1) Amazon AppStore for Android

This alternative app market is new but gaining ground fast. It doesn't hurt that it gives away a different paid app for free every day. Free.

2) Stats Free

This very useful app lets you track all sorts of usage data from your Android device. It can even alert you if you're about to exceed usage limits or disconnect mobile data if necessary. Free.

3) LastPass Password Manager Premium

Juggling more passwords than you can keep track of? This app may be just what you need. It's a secure password generator that securely syncs your passwords across all your browsers and devices and automatically fills forms on all sites. The app is free, but the service costs $1 per month.

4) Llama – Location Profiles

Do you want or need your phone to change its behavior based on where you are? Look no further than this app. It can change your phone's ringer and ringtones—and a host of other settings as well—based on your location. Free.

5) Tasker

If you need something with even more functionality than Llama, this handy app let's you tweak and automate just about any process on your device. For instance, you could set your device to go into silent mode when you set it face down and to switch back to its prior state when you pick it up. Paid: $6.49.

6) GO Launcher Ex

This launcher app offers smooth and easy customization of your home screen with lots of beautiful themes, fast flip speed and tons of useful functions. Free.

7) GetGlue

Sometimes finding a new television show, movie or music that's up your alley can be tricky. That's where this app comes in. GetGlue is a social network for entertainment. You can check-in to what you're watching, reading or listening to, get recommendations based on your likes and dislikes and see what your friends are into. Free.

8) Vlingo

Need to text, call, tweet or set your Facebook status and your hands are already occupied? That's no problem if you have Vlingo, which allows you to operate your Android phone with your voice. It even works with a wireless Bluetooth headset. Free.

9) chompSMS

Want more control over your SMS app? The highly configurable chompSMS app gives it to you in spades. You can alter the style of your chat bubbles, add themes, a passcode lock, signatures and lots more. There are even blacklisting and Quick Reply features. Free.

10) Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro

Carry your personal trainer in your pocket with this app, which uses GPS to help track your running, cycling and walking and even gives you audio feedback. It even syncs with a number of heart rate and cadence monitors. Paid: $3.99.

11) Anti-Virus Pro

Concerned about malware, viruses and SMS spam? Anti-Virus Pro is a comprehensive security suite for Android that can scan apps, files, settings and media in real time. Paid: $9.99.

12) JuiceDefender

Is the battery on your Android phone consistently running on empty? JuiceDefender can help you extend it! The app intelligently manages your mobile connectivity and other battery-sensitive components to ensure your phone runs as efficiently as possible. For example, the default mode switches your phone from battery-intensive 3G mode to the less-draining 2G mode when you're not actually using the phone, and it turns of the Wi-Fi radio if the charge goes below a certain level. The Advanced Mode allows you to tune the app's triggers based on your individual needs. Free.

13) Seesmic

This Twitter client integrates streams from Twitter, Facebook and even Salesforce.com Chatter into a single client, allowing you to stay on top of all your messages from various sources. Unlike many clients, it supports multiple accounts, giving you the ability when composing a message to send it out via one of your accounts or all of them at once. You can also customize a large number of features. Free.

14) TiKL – Touch to Talk (PTT)

Turn your Android phone into a walkie-talkie with this app. It provides push to talk capabilities between Android phones without additional hardware and without using minutes. Communication is near instantaneous on 3G and 4G networks. Free.

15) Document Scanner

This app allows you to scan documents with your phone's camera, convert it to PDF and e-mail the PDF to anyone. You can even upload the PDF to Google Docs. Paid: $2.98.

16) Bluetooth File Transfer

With this app, you can explore and manage the files on any Bluetooth-enabled device, receive files and send contacts. It's built on FTP and Object Push Profile (OPP). Free.

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