50 Android Apps for Business on the Go

Download these Android apps to turn your handheld into a portable office.
Posted March 13, 2013

Pam Baker

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There’s no question that all the new Android devices make working outside the office and while traveling easy-peasey.  But you can make your work easier still by using an app specifically designed to perform tasks on a smaller screen and with a minimum of input from your keyboard

Take a look at these 50 Android apps on Google Play and see which ones fit your workflow best.

1) OfficeSuite Pro 7. Think of this app as Microsoft Office lite. It does pretty much the same thing as the full version except it uses less memory and processing power on your phone.  This app allows you to easily create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly on your phone. You can also open, read, and edit attachments, including PDFs using those same programs. $14.99

2) Documents to Go. This app also gives you the power to use Microsoft Office and Google Docs on your phone too. If you buy this full app version key you get password protection on your files too. The app also syncs with your computer so you can easily move files between devices. $14.95

3) Exchange by Touchdown. This app enables you to connect your Android device to your Exchange server so you can easily use corporate email, contacts, calendar, and tasks features. It’s also customizable. Be sure to install the free trial version of TouchDown for SmartPhones or TouchDown HD for Tablets before you buy the license key app though. $19.99

4) QuickOffice Pro. This is also a good Microsoft Office lite app. Do everything you can on a laptop in Office on your phone and easily sync the changes you made between devices. $14.99

5) PrinterShare. This app lets you print almost any digital content on your phone from photos and SMS (texts) to emails and documents stored on your device memory, SD card or on Google Docs. Be sure to install the free Main PrinterShare app and do a test print page before you decide to buy the key to unlock premium features. $12.95

6) Splashtop Remote Desktop. This app streams your PC or Mac screen to your Android device and enables you to work on your desktop remotely or to retrieve files from it. Just think, now you don’t ever have to apologize for forgetting and leaving a file at the office! $4.99

7) Outlook Web Mobile. This app reconfigures Microsoft Exchange 2007 Outlook Web Access (OWA) or 2012 Outlook Web App for a smaller device screen so it’s way easier to read and use your email. However, it doesn’t support any other email providers. $4.99

8)  PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro. Like all great remote desktop apps, this one lets you put your whole desktop in your pocket. You can do just about anything with this app as you can sitting in front of your computer  – and it has enterprise level security too. $14.99

9) OfficeSuite Font Package. This app lets you see Word documents in the fonts they actually were created in rather than just the few available on your mobile device. If presentation details are a big deal for you, this is the app you need. $4.99

10) Locale. Do you turn your ringer off when you go into a meeting and then forget to turn it on again? Just about everyone does. This app will automatically manage your ringer, wallpaper, and Wi-Fi settings according to where you are so you don’t have to! $9.99

11) Quickoffice Pro HD. This app is specifically designed to turn your Android tablet into a mini-desktop. You can use it to do anything in Microsoft Office and to access Google Drive and other cloud storage and manage email attachments too. $19.99

12) Jump Desktop. One of the fastest and cheapest remote desktop apps on the market. And, it even supports Windows 8. $9.99

13) CamCard—BCR (Western). This apps allows you to use the camera on your Android device to capture any business card written in English, making swapping contact info at meetings and events a breeze. Once you capture the business card with the phone’s camera, the app stores the info in contacts and syncs it with other devices. $2.99

14) Splashtop Remote Desktop HD. This app does the same things as the app by the same name mentioned above but it designed specifically for use on your Android tablet. Since it’s HD, it makes good use of the great graphic card on your tablet. $8.99

15) Enhanced Email. This app aggregates all your email accounts into a single location making it easier to check them all in one move while you’re on the go. $9.99

16) Invoice2go.  This app makes you money. It allows you to create estimates and invoices complete with your company logo on the spot. No more waiting until you get to the office to write an estimate or making multiple trips to deliver it. $9.99

17) CamCard (International). This app works similarly to the CamCard app listed above but it also recognizes business cards in five different languages. It’s a perfect way to keep your contacts list up-to-date while you wrangle with the art of globalization! $11.99

18) Package Tracker Pro. Want to know when the client receives your package or when a staffer actually shipped it? This app tracks all sorts of packages over several carriers so you can see what went where and when in one shipping review on your device. And of course, you can track where packages are that you want to receive too! $1.99

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