25 Free Android Apps for Money on the Go

These Android apps can help you manage your finances, track your expenses, watch your budget, pay for purchases and more.
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Money is one of the toughest aspects of business life to truly master. From filing expense reports with your employer, to banking, paying bills and using travel rewards while you’re on the road, finance is tricky business for professionals who have other priorities demanding their time.

Still, if you don’t take care of your money, you will lose it. And no one is happy about the loss of a single dime of their hard-earned money. To help you keep track of this vital aspect of your life, here are 25 apps that make handling money on the go a good bit easier.

However, note that this is a list and not a ranking. It is up to you to decide which apps best fit your needs.

1. Paypal. Stranded because of a car breakdown or because your debit card was frozen after a thief paid for something in China with it? No worries. Request emergency money from friends and family–or send money to friends and family in the same situation. You can also take a picture of a check to deposit in PayPal, plus you can manage your funds in the account. Free.

2. Mint – Personal. Here you can see all your accounts from checking and savings to credit cards. Use this app to check your balances, track your spending, build a budget and more, all while on the go. Free.


3. Google Finance. Want to keep track of your investments and stocks in real-time and sync with your Google Finance portfolios? This app is for you! Free.

4. Virtual Wallet by PNC Bank. The Virtual Wallet includes an at-a-glance money bar that shows financial information for the upcoming week, as well as your last five transactions. It allows you to deposit checks virtually by using the camera on your Android device, as well as to transfer funds, pay bills and accomplish other banking chores. Free for PNC Virtual Wallet customers.

5. Xoom Money Transfer. Send money from the U.S. to friends and family in any one of the 30 countries supported by this app. You can also track the status of your money transfers. The app is free, but there is a fee involved with each transaction.

6. Tip N Split Tip Calculator. Compute the amount of tip you should leave and/or split the bill among several payers in less than five seconds. Free.

7. Google Wallet. This app stores your credit card and debit card information – as long as they are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover branded cards – and allows you to pay in stores with contactless point of sale terminals by simply tapping your phone against it. You'll use a PIN for security purposes, and you can remotely disable Wallet from your phone should your phone be lost or stolen. Free.

8. Simple Currency Converter. This tool tracks and converts currencies from around the world. You can also graph currency pairs over time and get currency news too. Free.

9. Stocks - Realtime Stock Quotes. This app syncs with Google Finance portfolios and tracks stocks on multiple exchanges in the world. You get stock prices and news with multiple ways to organize the information to your requirements. Free.

Realtime Stock Quotes

10. Amex Mobile – American Express. Use this app to check your membership benefits, rewards points, and other customer loyalty programs. You can also easily make payments on your American Express card on the app. Free.

11. EEBA -- Easy Envelope Budget Aid. This is a personal/household money management and budget tracking app. It’s a basic budget tracker that is free but does require registration.

12. Bluebird by American Express. Need an alternative to standard checking accounts and debit cards? Use this app to open a Bluebird account with which you can have employer direct deposit, ATM access, online and mobile bill pay, checks with the mobile app, and Bluebird sub-accounts. Since Bluebird is an American Express product, you also get benefits like purchase protection and 24/7 customer service. There are no monthly, annual or overdraft fees, there is no minimum balance requirement, and the app is free too!


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