25 Android Entertainment Apps to Fill Your Downtime

These Android apps make it easy to kill a few minutes of spare time—and they just might make you smile too.
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There are Android apps you use every day because they help you get important work done—and then there are the Android apps you use every day because you're not getting important work done.

Think of those times when you're twiddling your thumbs between meetings, bored while you’re eating lunch alone, or climbing the walls while you’re stuck in a hotel room on a business trip. Admit it, you really wish you had something fun to do. Sure, you could do more work, but you’ve already worked a gazillion hours today. You really just want to take a breather and do something else—you’re just not sure what exactly to do with those downtime minutes and hours.

Never fear, there are plenty of time-killing, high-quality Android entertainment apps to use on your smartphone or tablet. These are listed in no particular order as there is really no way to rank the list to suit every category of bliss-seekers. Just pick your guilty pleasure, sit back and enjoy!

1) Netflix. If TV shows and movies are your thing, you’ll love Netflix. From old movies and shows to original Netflix programming, this app is outstanding. It’s free if you already have a Netflix membership. If you don’t, there’s always that free one-month trial.

2) ZombieBooth. Turn photos of yourself, friends, enemies and frenemies into 3D, animated zombies with this app. Yes, once transformed, the new zombies breathe, blink, scowl, growl and even try to attack your finger if you get too close. Free


3) Face Changer. Just looking for a new doodle to pass a little time? This funny photo app lets you change your own face, those of friends, photos of strangers on the Internet, the face of your boss or a client that’s driving you crazy! Free.

4) Autodesk SketchBook Mobile. Feeling more like an artist than a doodler? This app will turn any Android device with a screen size of 7” or smaller into your canvas. Lots of artists tools to use too! $1.99  

5) Movies by Flixster. See what’s playing where, watch movie trailers, manage your Netflix queue, and read reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. Oh, and your first movie is free. Free.

6) Redbox. Ok, so you don’t want to watch a movie on your tiny screen or drain your battery dry. Instead, use this app to find and reserve a movie or game that you can pick up at the nearest Redbox and watch on a regular TV when you get home.

7) Talking Tom Cat Free. Do you imagine yourself to be a producer of animated short films? This app is your stage. Tom, your leading character, repeats everything you say in a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him, grab his tail and make him do stuff like scratch the screen and play the cymbals. Record and share your video on YouTube or send by email to your private applauding audience. Free


8) Talking Tom Cat 2. A little more sophisticated upgrade to the app above—if you overlook the sophomoric fart jokes. Dress the cat to character and do a little more with him than you could in the first version. It offers very funny actions to choose from, and yes, you can make a YouTube video to show the world your production. Free

9) iFunny. Need something funny to help you relax before the big meeting or just to give you a reason to smile at work? This app will serve you a new giggle every day. The daily fun will be tailored to your tastes and are easily sharable on social media. Free

10) Steam. So, you’re a gamer and you like to keep up with what’s happening in the Steam community and the latest in gaming news? This app is for you. Free

11) Instant Buttons. This soundboard is loaded with a unique collection of audio effects that you can use practically for anything. Use your favorite as a desktop widget, ringtone, notification or alarm, or a share it on Gmail and WhatsApp. Free

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