25 Android Apps for Document Creation, Handling and Printing from Your Mobile Device

These apps can help you get work done from your Android smartphone or tablet.
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Your team just sent you last-minute changes to a service level agreement, contract, or presentation that you need to hand over to the client shortly. Now how do you get those newly updated documents out of your email and printed from your phone or tablet?

Or maybe you have been creating or changing documents while you are in the meeting with the client. How do you instantly share the changes with your entire team or print those to be signed by the client right there on the spot?

Like it or not, documents are at the center of every business transaction. Without a means to make documents work, your mobile device is little more than a fancy instant messenger. Here are some Android apps that will actually make your device document-friendly.

1) OfficeSuite Pro 7. Think of this app as Microsoft Office lite. It does pretty much the same thing as the full version, except it uses less memory and processing power on your phone. It allows you to create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly on your phone. You can also open, read and edit attachments, including PDFs using those same programs. $14.99

2) Documents ToGo. This option also gives you the ability to use Microsoft Office and Google Docs on your phone. If you buy the full version, you get password protection on your files too. It also syncs with your computer so you can easily move files between devices. $14.95

Documents ToGo

3) Exchange by Touchdown. This app enables you to connect your Android device to your Exchange server so you can easily use corporate email, contacts, calendar and tasks features. It’s also customizable. Be sure to install the free trial version of TouchDown for SmartPhones or TouchDown HD for Tablets before you buy the license key app though. $19.99

4) Quickoffice Pro. This is another good Microsoft Office lite app. Do everything you can on a laptop in Office on your phone and easily sync the changes you made between devices. $14.99

5) PrinterShare. Print almost any digital content—photos, texts, emails and documents—stored on your phone, an SD card or in Google Docs. Be sure to install the free Main PrinterShare app and do a test print page before you decide to buy the key to unlock premium features. $12.95

6) Splashtop Remote Desktop. This app streams your PC or Mac screen to your Android device and enables you to work on your desktop remotely or to retrieve files from it. Just think, now you don’t ever have to apologize for forgetting and leaving a file at the office! $4.99


7) PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro. Like all great remote desktop apps, this one lets you put your whole desktop in your pocket. You can do just about anything with this app that you could so sitting in front of your computer. And it has enterprise-grade security too. $14.99

8) OfficeSuite Font Package. This app lets you see Word documents in the fonts they actually were created in rather than just the few available on your mobile device. If presentation details are a big deal for you, this is the app you need. $4.99

9) Quickoffice Pro HD. Turn your Android tablet into a mini-desktop. You can use it to do anything in Microsoft Office, to access Google Drive and other cloud storage services, or manage email attachments. $19.99

10) Smart Office 2. This is another app that enables you to use Microsoft Office on your phone. But this one has a bonus printing capability so you won’t have to buy an extra printer app. $9.99

11) Mobile Doc Scanner. Turn your Android device into a scanner to whiteboards, cocktail napkin notes, documents, magazine pages, and other stuff into a PDF. Store your file in the cloud or on your device, or share with others via email. $4.99

12) MobiMail for Outlook Web Email. The regular MobiMail app allows you to manage your email from Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange. But this version actually connects you directly to your corporate Exchange server or to Office 365. $4.99

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