How People Monitor Their Identity And Search For Others Online

A new Pew Internet study reveals that young people are more concerned about privacy than many had assumed.

Pew Internet: A new study by Pew Internet reveals that young people are more likely than older Americans to actively manage their online reputation. Those age 18-29 are more likely than others to take steps to limit the amount of their personal information that is available online, to change their privacy settings, delete unwanted comments, and remove their name from photos.

Other trends revealed by the report included the following:

  • "57% of adult internet users now use search engines to find information about themselves online, up from 47% in 2006."
  • "46% of online adults have created their own profile on a social networking site, up from just 20% in 2006."
  • "27% of employed internet users now work for an employer that has policies about how they present themselves online."
  • "12% of employed adults say they need to market themselves online as part of their job."
  • "33% of internet users say they worry about how much information is available about them online, down from 40% in December 2006."

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