71% of Companies Able to Monitor Employee Social Media Use

However, 46 percent of companies still aren't sure if employees are complying with their social media policies.

nCircle: Recently, auditing solution vendor nCircle surveyed 257 enterprise security pros about their companies social networking practices. While more than 70 percent of companies' said they have the ability to monitor employees' use of social media sites, 46 percent of respondents said they still weren't sure if employees were actually complying with company policy.

In addition, 59 percent of companies did maintain a social media policy, and 39 percent of respondents said their organizations ban the use of social media, a practice nCircle finds ineffective. "This type of policy is a knee-jerk reaction to the serious security risks associated with social media and is not necessarily effective,” says Andrew Storms, Director of Security Operations for nCircle. “The real security concern when it comes to social media is what employees are divulging via their social networking activity and how that affects the security of their employer."

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