2010 Access Governance Trends Survey

A Ponemon Institute study reveals that cloud computing makes it more difficult for IT departments to manage access to resources.

Aveksa/Ponemon: For a study commissioned by Aveksa, the Ponemon Institute surveyed 728 experienced IT pros at a variety of organizations. They found that access management has become even more difficult than it was two years ago when the organization completed the last Access Governance survey. In addition, the survey revealed the following:

  • "Eighty-seven percent of respondents believe that individuals have too much access to information resources that are not pertinent to their job description – up nine percent from the 2008 study."
  • "Nearly three out of four organizations (72 percent) said they cannot quickly respond to changes in employee access requirements."
  • "Fifty-nine percent of organizations do not have or do not strictly enforce access governance policies."
  • "Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of respondents said that a lack of IT staff was a key problem in enforcing access compliance policies."
  • "Nearly three out of four (73 percent) respondents said that adoption of cloud-based applications will have a very significant or significant impact on users’ ability to circumvent existing access policies."

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