CIOs Establish Stricter Social Networking Policies

A Robert Half technology survey shows that 38 percent of CIOs have imposed more stringent rules for employees using social networking services.

Robert Half Technology: In a survey of 1,400 CIOs, 38 percent of respondents said that they have implemented stricter social networking policies, while just 17 percent have relaxed rules. More specifically, 23 percent of companies are becoming stricter regarding employee's personal use of social networking, and 15 percent are becoming stricter with regard to business use of the services.

"The challenge for companies is balancing the benefits of social media in the workplace with the risks," said Robert Half Technology's Dave Willmer. "There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to social networking policies. To be effective, guidelines should include input from stakeholders throughout the organization, including IT, legal, human resources, marketing, public relations and front-line employees."

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