Blue Coat Web Security Report for 2009

This report analyzes the evolution of security threats in 2009, details malware threats and top scams, and makes predictions for 2010.

BlueCoat: This report from BlueCoat Labs examines the evolution of security threats in 2009. It details developments in malware and social engineering, and lists some of the top scams of the year. It also makes predictions for 2010. Key findings from the report include:

  • Social networking access accounted for 25 percent of all Web access activity in 2009.
  • Fake Antivirus was the most successful Web threat in 2009, followed by the Fake Video Codec offer.
  • Two-thirds of all malware disguised as a video codec offered pornography videos.
  • Today’s attacks are subtle, highly professional and profit-driven enterprises that target security vulnerabilities and exploit them for maximum financial gain.

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