Windows 7 Early Adopters Were Satisfied Upgraders

While PC users usually wait until they upgrade their hardware to purchase a new OS, that isn't the case with Windows 7.

Forrester: A couple of new research reports from Forrester are full of good news for Windows 7. First, the majority of people who upgraded to the new OS felt "very satisfied" with the product. And Microsoft advertising for Windows 7 resulted in a high number of consumers saying that they are aware of the product.

Second, while PC users usually wait until they purchase a new computer to upgrade to a new OS, that wasn't the case with Windows 7. While 45 percent of Windows 7 users purchased a new PC, a full 43 percent upgraded existing hardware. According to Forrester's JP Gownder, they were willing to upgrade because "Windows 7 is a thinner client program than was Windows Vista, meaning that it works well on older hardware configurations."

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