Gartner Says 60 Percent of Virtualized Servers Will Be Less Secure Than the Physical Servers They Replace Through 2012

Research firm lists the six biggest risks of virtualized servers and explains how to counter them.

Gartner: According to Gartner's researchers, 60 percent of virtualized servers will be less secure than the physical servers they replace through 2012. Through 2015, 30 percent of virtualized servers will be less secure.

IT managers can help make sure their servers aren't part of those statistics by taking steps to address the six most common virtualization risks:

  1. "Risk: Information Security Isn't Initially Involved in the Virtualization Projects."
  2. "Risk: A Compromise of the Virtualization Layer Could Result in the Compromise of All Hosted Workloads."
  3. "Risk: The Lack of Visibility and Controls on Internal Virtual Networks Created for VM-to-VM Communications Blinds Existing Security Policy Enforcement Mechanisms."
  4. "Risk: Workloads of Different Trust Levels Are Consolidated Onto a Single Physical Server Without Sufficient Separation."
  5. "Risk: Adequate Controls on Administrative Access to the Hypervisor/VMM Layer and to Administrative Tools Are Lacking."
  6. "Risk: There Is a Potential Loss of Separation of Duties for Network and Security Controls."

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