IDC Finds That a Third Generation of Database Technology Along with Vendors Are Shaking Up the Market

Market research firm says that conventional DBMS technology will be almost completely replaced within five years.

IDC: IDC predicts that radical changes loom on the horizon for database administrators. "Everything you know is wrong," the company warns in a new report.

Within five years, conventional row-oriented, disk-based systems that drive queries in a linear fashion will be replaced with new DBMS technology. By the end of that time, IDC predicts that:

  • "Most data warehouses will be stored in a columnar fashion
  • "Most OLTP databases will either be augmented by an in-memory database (IMDB) or reside entirely in memory
  • "Most large-scale database servers will achieve horizontal scalability through clustering
  • "Many data collection and reporting problems will be solved with databases that have no formal schema at all."

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