Websense Security Labs Report - State of Internet Security, Q3-Q4 2009

Researchers say 95 percent of user-generated content is spam or malicious.

Websense: In its latest report, Websense Security Labs finds that the last half of 2009 was marked by more targeted attacks focused on Web 2.0 services. Findings including the following:

  • "13.7 percent of searches for trending news/buzz words lead to malware.
  • "71 percent of Web sites with malicious code [were] revealed to be legitimate sites that had been compromised.
  • "95 percent of user-generated comments to blogs, chat rooms and message boards are spam or malicious.
  • "35 percent of malicious Web attacks included data-stealing code.
  • "58 percent of data-stealing attacks are conducted over the Web.
  • "85.8 percent of all emails were spam."

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