Arbor Networks' Fifth Annual Infrastructure Security Report Finds Service and Application-Layer Attacks Replace Large Scale Botnet-enabled Attacks as Top Operational Threat

A survey of IP network operators finds that botnet driven DDoS attacks on services and operations has become the number one security threat.

Arbor Networks: In a survey of 132 IP network operators, botnet-driven distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks focused on services and applications emerged as the number one threat seen by service providers. Nearly 35 percent of those surveyed pointed to more sophisticated attacks on services and applications as their primary concern.

The survey also revealed that cloud computing has become a new target for attacks. "The complexity introduced by the continuing convergence of critical services onto IP networks and multi-tenant cloud-based solutions significantly increases the exposed risk profile of infrastructure and customer-visible services, and astute network operators seem to be rightly focused on this," said Danny McPherson, chief security officer, Arbor Networks.

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