Outlook for IT Spending Growth Continues to Thaw in January

IDC sees signs of improvement on the horizon for the IT market.

IDC: This January, IDC sees lots of positive signs for the tech industry. Their measurement of intent to buy new IT products and services is positive for the third month in a row and showed an increase from December. However, the industry has a lot of ground to re-gain.

"There are plenty of positive signs in the market index – the stock market and U.S. economic forecasts are up, inflation remains under control, and even U.S. unemployment appears to have hit bottom," said John Gantz, IDC's Chief Research Officer. "But IT buyers remain cautious. Although their hearts have thawed, their wallets are slow to follow. Sooner or later IT spending will have to come. The penalties for not spending grow each month – in costs to support older equipment and software, and in lost opportunity to use IT for competitive advantage."

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