Small & Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) Expect Strong Growth in 2010 - Top Rated 'SMB-Minded' Vendors Include Microsoft, AT&T, Cisco, HP, IBM and Dell

The latest research from Compass Intelligence shows that large IT vendors are doing a better job of building relationships with small and medium-sized businesses.

Compass Intelligence: Key findings in the latest primary research from Compass Intelligence show that large vendors are effectively using multimedia and interactive learning experiences to build their relationships with SMBs. Many SMBs rely on the Internet as their top source of information when choosing which technology products and service to purchase. In addition, SMBs expect their businesses to grow in 2010.

"We estimate that SMBs represent more than $300 Billion in ICT spending - including telecom, computer systems and personnel. This BIG number is expected to grow between 5% and 8% over the next five years, making the SMB market one of the last, best growth opportunities for ICT vendors in the long-term," says Kneko Burney, Chief Strategist of Compass Intelligence.

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