Gartner CEO and Business-Executive Survey Shows 62 Per Cent of CEOs See IT Having a Key Role in Post-Recession Strategy

Sixty-two per cent of CEOs recognise that IT-enabled changes will be a key element in their post-recession strategy, while only 13 per cent disagree, according to a recent survey by Gartner, Inc. Preliminary results from the survey show 42 per cent of business leaders are already focusing more on revenue growth than cost control.
Gartner: In 2009, CEOs initially placed cost cutting at the top of their priorities to cope with the sudden and severe recession. In 2010, the focus for 71 per cent of business leaders is a return to revenue growth. “A switch in focus from cost to revenue will reshape business-change priorities and in turn will impact the IT project portfolio. CIOs should expect re-prioritization of some key IT projects during 2010 as the business cycle starts to turn,” Mr Raskino added. Similarly, business leaders’ investment attitude towards IT is reasonably positive. In addition to the 43 per cent of respondents who will increase IT investment level, 45 per cent will keep the same IT investment level, while only 13 per cent of business leaders will decrease IT investment level. “These findings reinforce Gartner’s IT spending forecast of 3.3 per cent growth in 2010,” said Mr Raskino. “With this warm attitude to IT, CIOs should stand their ground if peers attempt to gain investment share at IT’s expense.”

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