Put Cloud Computing to Work for Your Business

Cloud computing promises to decrease costs and increase agility, but taking advantage of these benefits requires that organizations implement their cloud computing initiatives in way that works for their business. When carefully planned and implemented, cloud computing can transform a business and deliver value on a scale most IT projects can't match.
Get More Out of Cloud with a Structured Workload Analysis
Adopting cloud technology is a reasonably easy decision. Figuring out when and how to get the most value from cloud computing is the next — often more challenging — step. Read this white paper to learn how a robust analysis of your workloads can help identify candidates for your target cloud environments.

Cloud Computing

Best Practices to Architect Applications in the IBM Cloud
It's clear that cloud environments are a great way to deliver software — but what are the best ways to use it really well? Read this report to learn how to leverage cloud environments, design applications for successful cloud-based deployments, and safeguard your virtual machines.

The Future of Software Delivery Is Cloudy
Cloud technology is a terrific platform for a vast array of workloads. But what about cloud computing can actually help you transform your business? Read this eBook to learn the real-world potential benefits of using the cloud as a platform for more effective software delivery.

Security and High Availability in Cloud Computing Environments
Cloud computing is attractive for many reasons. But the externalized aspect of outsourcing can make it harder to maintain data integrity and privacy, which presents an additional layer of risk. Read this white paper to learn about security and availability-related challenges in cloud computing environments.