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IBM Unveils Analytics for the iPad and Cloud
By Vangie Beal | Cloud Article Published November 2, 2011
Leveraging its Watson technology, IBM is moving to expand its analytics presence in the cloud and the all-important mobile sector.
SAP Promotes Custom BI App Sharing
By Vangie Beal | Data Center Article Published September 29, 2011
In an effort to build awareness and implementation of its business intelligence offerings, SAP is touting custom-coded apps built on its BI platform.
SAP Snaps Up Social Networking Firm Crossgate
By Vangie Beal | Networks Article Published September 21, 2011
Social networking is no longer confirmed to Facebook.
SAP Goes 'Social' with Cloud-Based StreamWork
By Vangie Beal |  Article Published May 5, 2011
The StreamWork application will facilitate collabaration among all SAP business applications.
Keep Systems Safe With These Holiday Shopping Tips
By Vangie Beal |  Article Published December 11, 2008
Your employees will shop online from work this holiday season. Creating an acceptable-use policy lets you keep computers safe and employees happy without being a big old Scrooge.

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