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Vista's Windows Defender: Using Windows Defender
By Tony Piltzecker |  Article Published May 17, 2007
Vista’s Windows Defender protects Vista against malware, and alerts you to anything suspicious. Plus: improvements in IE7.
Vista Security FAQ
By Tony Piltzecker |  Article Published May 15, 2007
Frequently asked questions about securing your Windows Vista PC: firewalls, viruses, rootkits, spyware, malware and more.
IE7 and Vista: Using IE7 and Vista Safely
By Tony Piltzecker |  Article Published May 9, 2007
Internet Explorer 7 has a number of safety features to enable you to protect against Internet threats.
Vista Malware: Fighting Malware with Vista's Tools
By Tony Piltzecker |  Article Published April 29, 2007
Windows Vista offers a number of updated features to prevent malware - and keep your PC safe and clean.
Windows Vista's Phishing Filter: A User's Guide
By Tony Piltzecker |  Article Published April 17, 2007
Windows Vista’s Phishing Filter analyzes URLs presented to the user and compares them to a local copy of the blacklists, among other upgrades.
Vista Mail vs. Outlook Express
By Tony Piltzecker |  Article Published April 11, 2007
An under-the-hood comparison between the older and newer Windows email clients.
Vista's Junk Mail Filter: Users' Tips
By Tony Piltzecker |  Article Published March 30, 2007
Technologies like SmartScreen help you get ahead of the scammers. Here’s an overview of Vista’s many options for keeping your inbox manageable.