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Wi-Fi Phone for Skype: Mobile Skype
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published March 30, 2009
Our reviewer finds that the IPEVO So-20 Wi-Fi Phone for Skype is reasonably priced and works well over Wi-FI. But the audio isn't great at high volumes and the device lacks non-voice functions.
Enterprise Audio Conferencing with Skype
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published March 12, 2009
A new service offers teleconferencing for up to 500 staffers.
Turn Your iPod into a Cell Phone
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published March 11, 2009
A new technology provider has released software to enable an iPod to make calls and send text messages.
Looking Ahead to VoIP in 2009
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published January 7, 2009
Enterprise VoIPplanet consults its crystal ball and spots some trends for the coming year.
New Voice over Wi-Fi Analysis Tools from AirMagnet
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published December 17, 2008
As 'VoFi' gains in popularity, IT managers need tools to optimize and troubleshoot it. AirMagnet is answering the need.
Digium Reinvents AsteriskNOW
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published November 17, 2008
New Linux distribution and addition of a more powerful, sophisticated management interface turn the product in a new direction.
Voice over WiMAX Arrives
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published October 13, 2008
Sprint and Clearwire are not the only WiMAX players--and data is not the only WiMAX possibility. DBC's BridgeMAXX VOICE service is available in 15 markets in Idaho, Indiana, South Dakota, Virginia, and Wyoming.
VoIP Enhancements Coming to iPhone
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published September 8, 2008
The iPhone version of Global IP Solutions's VoiceEngine Mobile will smooth the path for developers working on VoIP enhancements for iPhone 3G apps.
Cisco VoIP: Getting to Mobililty
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published June 13, 2008
The networking infrastructure giant has long dominated the IP PBX market; it now seeks to extend its domain to mobile phones.
VoSKY Exchange Adds Click-to-Call, F/MC to its Bag of Tricks
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published May 23, 2008
A rundown on what's new from the PBX-Skype gateway provider.
New Collaboration App Opens Service to Public
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published April 15, 2008
Open-source whiteboarding application Dimdim requires no software download—it just works.
Extreme Arms to Fight VoIP Threats
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published April 11, 2008
Sentriant security appliance now incorporates behavioral analysis tools to isolate and mitigate attacks on IP communications devices.
Whaleback Tightens Voice Security, Boosts Voice Quality
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published April 9, 2008
Latest software iteration features on-premise voice firewall, tracking instrumentation to bar threats, ensure clear conversations.
WYDE Voice Ships Wideband Conference Bridge
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published April 2, 2008
Audio appliance integrates VoIP, PSTN, and brings HD quality to voice and other interactive Web applications.
Objectworld Revamps Product Line to Broaden Market
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published March 20, 2008
Vendor creates product subsets to bring unified communications to customers that already have a PBX.
Motorola Unveils New Telephony Strategy
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published March 19, 2008
Voice over WLAN initiative will bring voice and data connectivity to all enterprise workers.
Zeacom Launches Communications Center Version 5.0
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published March 17, 2008
Combined call center/unified communications application extends presence, mobility, conferencing.
Giving Voice the Bandwidth it Needs
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published March 3, 2008
High-quality VoIP requires network priority. Now there's a tool that guarantees it.
Ready for Virtual Phone Numbers?
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published February 13, 2008
"Disposable" VoIP number that rings your cell phone lets you control who calls and how much they know about you.
Another New Twist on Open-Source VoIP
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published November 19, 2007
Aretta Communications launches hosted, virtualized Asterisk (and friends) service.
Business Videoconferencing for the Little Guy
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published November 1, 2007
Software-as-a-service provider SightSpeed is looking to turn the videoconferencing world upside down.
New WLAN Testing Tool Simulates Actual Traffic Loads
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published August 1, 2007
WiMix suite eliminates guesswork involved in predicting equipment and network configuration performance in live environments.
Motorola Renames, Broadens its Line of Mesh Nodes
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published July 26, 2007
Two new configurations join the company's dual-radio offering.
Mobile VoIP for the Enterprise
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published July 25, 2007
A look at a startup that's gone beyond clever technology and created a product that works the way businesses need it to work.
New Pricing Policy for Skype
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published January 31, 2007
Subscription model takes center stage for SkypeOut/PSTN calls.
It's the Applications, Stupid!
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published December 12, 2006
Think enterprise phone systems are just about calling your customer, boss, biz partner? VoIP offers something far richer and more useful.
VoIP Quality Is Getting Worse . . . Er, Better
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published September 7, 2006
Recent reports from two vendors of service quality monitoring systems can't quite decide whether VoIP is improving or going to dogs.
IPCC Morphs into IMS Forum
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published March 14, 2006
Organization that championed VoIP, shifts focus to embrace next-generation carrier network architecture.
Prospects Brighten for Voice over Wi-Fi
By Ted Stevenson |  Article Published February 9, 2006
New Wi-Fi switch technology—being demo'ed at Demo 06—will broaden the horizons for mobile enterprise VoIP, says vendor.

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