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Browser Security Comparison: Firefox vs. IE vs. Chrome
By Susan Kuchinskas | Security Article Published March 5, 2012
Every major browser has its partisans, but which browser earns the highest praise from impartial security analysts?
Top Cyber Threat: Search Engine Poisoning
By Susan Kuchinskas | Security Article Published March 1, 2012
Search engine poisoning attempts to lead innocent searchers to malware or scam destinations.
Are We Ready for the Cloud?
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published November 7, 2008
Execs from Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce and VMware discuss the impact of cloud computing.
The Big Business of Tiny Widgets
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 27, 2008
Facebook developers' conference turns up plenty of business models.
Social Networking Meets the Mainstream
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 12, 2008
Consumers fast becoming regular users, but is business catching up?
R-Word Meets O-Word
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published April 17, 2008
Online media could profit from a recession, but only if measurement and standards are addressed.
Web 2.0 in Enterprise Needs a Lock
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published April 11, 2008
Culture of sharing needs to be reminded about TMI at work.
Web 2.0 Goes to Work
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published February 6, 2008
Whizzy new enterprise apps sneak in via early adopters. How is IT coping?
Demise of Internet Greatly Exaggerated?
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published November 24, 2007
Critics charge a new report warning of Internet overload could serve the interests of Big Telecom.
Familiar Ring: Converging Mobile, Fixed Networks At Work
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published October 25, 2007
Vendors say companies can save money and be more efficient if they do it right.
Lawmakers to Telcos: Fix It or We Will
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published October 24, 2007
CTIA roundtable pits operators against legislators.
Hey IT, Welcome to the Bverse
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published October 14, 2007
Virtual world platforms want to become enterprise-ready.
A New Face for Live Search
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 27, 2007
Microsoft Live Search invents tricks to keep current users happy.
Culture Clash in Office 2.0
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 8, 2007
Inter-office sniping may be a bigger problem than getting workers to use groovy online tools.
Ganging Up on Badware
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published January 30, 2006
Harvard and Oxford team with Google, Lenovo and Sun for online neighborhood watch.
A CRM Sandbox For Wary Customers
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published December 20, 2005
New testing service will let companies try out apps in a parallel IT universe.
FCC Wiretap Order Raises ACLU Ire
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published December 7, 2005
Group says mandate would dramatically increase FBI's surveillance powers over the Internet.
A Job For The Holidays
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published December 7, 2005
With tech booming, recruiters advise you not to slow down your search this month.
Streaming Media Grows Up
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published December 6, 2005
The streaming video market seems to have matured -- at least in terms of its audience.
The Meaning of 'MemoGates'
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published November 10, 2005
How Microsoft will ''get the Web.''
Piecing Together The Sun Google Puzzle
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published October 31, 2005
When you put the parts together, this partnership could add up to something.
Flock Browser Released
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published October 24, 2005
Built on Mozilla, it adds social network components to Web surfing.
Study Sees RFID Savings For Wal-Mart
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published October 19, 2005
Shoppers more likely to find what they wanted on the shelves, thanks to the new technology.
Microsoft in Open Source Partnership
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 28, 2005
Agreement with middleware maker JBoss marks a new high temperature in the thawing of Redmond.
Podcasting For The People
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 19, 2005
Quick and easy tools bring podcasting out into the mainstream.
Truth Time for Microsoft at PDC
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 12, 2005
Microsoft Professional Developers Conference is the time for Redmond to come clean about its Longhorn plans.
Stakes High in Google Injunction Hearing
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 7, 2005
First day in Washington court between Microsoft and Google wraps up with Dr. Lee under cross-exam.
Say It Ain't So, Yahoo
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 1, 2005
Analyst claims the Web giant supports spyware companies with its pay-per-click ads.
Now, You're Google-Talking on IM
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published August 24, 2005
New Google Talk service combines IM and VoIP.
Call for Vendor-Neutral E-Copyright
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published August 23, 2005
Tim Berners-Lee speaks out against plan to require IE browser to file electronic copyright.
Google's Latest Desktop Search Released
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published August 22, 2005
Search leader releases intelligent RSS reader disguised as desktop search.
IE's New Look
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published August 15, 2005
Microsoft unveils new identity for the revamped browser.
Microsoft/Google Drama Glamorous, Not Unexpected
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published August 5, 2005
Non-compete litigation over Kai-Fu Lee is a common ploy, experts say.
Microsoft On Demand?
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 28, 2005
Microsoft plans a move toward Web-based services connecting with Windows and Office.
Windows Vista Beta Is On
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 27, 2005
Microsoft unveils code and interfaces for Longhorn, IE7 and Longhorn Server.
Yahoo's Video Mission With NASA
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 26, 2005
Portal will provide 24/7 streaming coverage of Discovery's return to space mission.
Study: Cost Not Only Open Source Driver
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 14, 2005
Evans Data says businesses aren't price-sensitive when it comes to software.
Dark Blogs and Voices in the Wilderness
By Susan Kuchinskas | Features & Trends Article Published June 21, 2005
Business likes the buzz of blogging, but the real juice may be inside the firewall.
A New Enterprise Database Option
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published May 24, 2005
EnterpriseDB aims for a piece of the corporate action as it releases a the beta of its open source product.
Google Hints at Future Products
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published May 20, 2005
Google's first 'factory tour' offers a glimpse into what's next for the search giant.
Enterprises Grapple With Open Source Use
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published April 7, 2005
Advocates say OSS enterprise applications are ready for prime time, but businesses must manage code use.
Windows Server Goes Head to Head With RHEL
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published April 6, 2005
The latest test in Redmond's Get the Facts campaign pits Redmond's server against Red Hat's.
All Microsoft or None?
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published March 29, 2005
Jupiter Research outlines the perils and promise of Microsoft's integration strategy.
Do You Know Who Owns Your Info?
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published March 10, 2005
Selling consumer information is big business, but there's often little oversight on buyers.
Microsoft Extends Anti-Piracy Program
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published January 26, 2005
Redmond also will close the door to Windows Downloads for users of bogus software.
Microsoft Search to be Pervasive
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published December 22, 2004
The homegrown technology will find its way into the broad range of products, but the company will avoid the bundling issue.
IBM Expected To Make PC Sale Official
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published December 7, 2004
Analysts applaud the idea of IBM's moves with its PC division, and pick some other winners in the potential deal. Alleges Microsoft Cover-Up
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published November 17, 2004
The tiny combatant said 'luck and lawyering' helped it uncover what it calls new evidence of Redmond's shenanigans.
Corporations Get Ready for Wi-Fi
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published November 16, 2004
A conference at Microsoft's campus helps executives see the benefits and risks of WLANs on corporate campuses.
A New Breed of Phish
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published November 10, 2004
UPDATED: SurfControl identified a new phishing scam that includes hacking into companies' servers.
UK Agency Report Greenlights Linux
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published October 28, 2004
Procurement office recommends that open source software be considered alongside the higher-priced spread.
IBM in Major RFID Expansion
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 27, 2004
Big Blue will spend $250 million to solidify its presence in a sector it sees as high-growth.
Mainstream Companies Seek Charming Programmers
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published September 9, 2004
Survey says interpersonal skills are a plus in the competitive IT job market.
Microsoft Integration Server on Deck
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published August 17, 2004
HIS 2004 lets companies use Windows to get at legacy data and applications.
Communications to Drive 64-Bit
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published August 10, 2004
Consumers snapping up advanced cell phones and DVD players will fuel next-generation chip sales, experts say.
Microsoft's XP SP2 Arrives
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published August 6, 2004
UPDATED: The security centric update is released to manufacturing. Now, the really hard part begins.
Think Globally, Block Locally
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 30, 2004
Experts at international anti-spam conference hold out little hope of a global solution to the rising tide of rotten e-mails.
A 'Win-Win-Win' MS Server Solution?
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 20, 2004
Microsoft's enterprise customers have been slow to upgrade to Windows Server 2003. Could the opportunity to consolidate servers offer the payback they seek?
IBM Takes on Flood of RFID Data
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 19, 2004
IBM says its WebSphere Product Center can make sense of the gush of data from RFID and the Internet of Things.
Microsoft Settles Up
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published July 2, 2004
Vermont and Minnesota reach deals on class action suits.
Open Source as Weapon
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published June 18, 2004
Peace, Love and Open Source? Don't believe it. Companies can and do wield open source as a weapon.
Do-Not-Spam List Great For Spammers
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published June 16, 2004
After a six-month study, the FTC updates Congress on the National Do Not E-Mail registry. Hint: It's not a good thing.
Inside Microsoft's Next Big Thing
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published June 10, 2004
Top of mind for Microsoft Research: search, Web services, spam and projects code-named Boxwood and MindNet.
Microsoft Opens Windows for Supercomputing
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published May 27, 2004
The giant software vendor is quietly building a Windows-based high-performance platform it says can stand up to any mainframe on the block.
Offshoring Arrives on Wall Street
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published May 10, 2004
UPDATED: U.S. IT workers reject it. U.S. IT companies embrace it. Now investors can weigh in as a California outsourcing firm preps for an IPO and another on-demand player lines up to float shares too.
Sun's Financial Strategy -- Can It Work?
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published April 5, 2004
Sun and Microsoft's deal may not help hide Sun's perilous position in the marketplace.
Microsoft Keeps Longhorn Release Schedule Obscure
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published April 1, 2004
Redmond says it will release no OS before its time -- but execs finally confirm it won't be in 2005.
EU's Decision Clear; Results May Not Be
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published March 24, 2004
The European Commission's ruling (if it stands) will have a host of technical and legal ramifications for Microsoft, but will it achieve the intended result? Special Report: Microsoft Hit with Record EU Fine EU Reaction: Microsoft Challenges, Rivals Cheer
IT Execs Present Open Source Wish Lists
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published March 18, 2004
If open source software wants a place in the enterprise, it must move beyond the desktop.
VCs Open Wallets for Open Source
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published March 16, 2004
Gluecode, a Los Angeles software firm delivering 'managed open source' products, cements a relationship with investors.
Major ISPs to Stand Firm on Anti-Spam Fight
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published March 9, 2004
AOL, EarthLink, Microsoft, and Yahoo! are expected to outline their progress against unwanted e-mail.
No Windows Server Shipped Before Its Time
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published January 30, 2004
Microsoft says it's adjusted its production scheduling after listening to user feedback asking it to provide ship dates.
No Hockey Stick for WLAN
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published January 29, 2004
New research says the growth curve for 802.11 technology will look more like a speed bump instead of a hockey stick.
Windows98 Back on Life (Cycle) Support
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published January 13, 2004
The Redmond, Wash., giant's move does right by customers and shows the influence of CEO Steve Ballmer, an analyst says.
Sun's Cobalt Line Officially Gone
By Susan Kuchinskas |  Article Published December 26, 2003
The last of the low-priced Cobalt line has been phased out in favor of its flagship Sun Fire line.

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