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Microsoft's Biz IM Server Goes Gold
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published October 26, 2004
Redmond's enterprise IM product exits beta but full-fledged interoperability with AOL and Yahoo is not yet available.
Large-Scale IM Virus Attack Feared
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 29, 2004
The first signs of a large-scale virus attack are spotted on newsgroups regarding a Windows flaw in the way JPEG images are processed.
Berners-Lee Calls For More Voice Apps
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 14, 2004
World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee throws out a challenge to developers in the voice recognition space and points out what really challenges CIOs.
XP SP2 Deadline Extended
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 8, 2004
The complete delivery due by April 2005 to give businesses time to prepare.
Seeking Riches in Business IM Niches
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 6, 2004
A Silicon Valley vet credited with driving Apple's digital hub strategy looks for revenues amid the business IM rubble.
MS Releases XP SP2 App Testing Guide
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published August 24, 2004
Redmond offers more help to developers looking to test applications against the security-focused service pack.
Microsoft Hooks into AOL, Yahoo for Business IM
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published July 15, 2004
The enterprise IM market gets a new lease on life. Is full interoperability on the way?
US-CERT: Beware of IE
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published June 29, 2004
The U.S. government's cybersecurity unit recommends ditching Internet Explorer in favor of other, safer browsers.
Microsoft in NT 4.0 Support Switch
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published June 21, 2004
The company has agreed on parameters for 'specialized support' for Windows NT 4.0.
AOL Takes AIM at Online Meetings
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published June 14, 2004
New service adds voice conferencing and Web meetings to buddy lists.
Merrill Analyst Calls For HP Split
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published June 8, 2004
An outspoken analyst calls for the break up of Hewlett-Packard into product or market segments.
Sneak Peek Into Microsoft Research
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published May 21, 2004
At the WWW Conference in New York, Microsoft Research head Rick Rashid offers a glimpse of some of the software giant's more exciting projects.
Cisco Investigating Stolen Source Code
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published May 17, 2004
A corporate network breach leads to leaked proprietary code, but confidential customer data and financial systems weren't compromised.
Has IM Innovation Peaked?
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published May 7, 2004
Commentary: Lots of buzz in the public instant messaging space but there's still an empty feeling inside my buddy list, writes's Ryan Naraine.
Barnes & Fined for Customer Data Leak
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published April 30, 2004
The online bookseller settles with the New York AG's office and plans to establish an IT security program to protect sensitive customer information.
Blaster Redux? SSL Worm Threat Rising
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published April 28, 2004
Security experts have spotted the first signs of a Blaster-like worm circulating underground, prompting fears that major Internet disruptions could be less than a week away.
'Critical' Windows Hijack Flaw Reported
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published April 26, 2004
Researchers warn that the boundary error vulnerability could cause a buffer overflow and lead to system takeover.
Multiple Linux Flaws Reported
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published April 16, 2004
The more serious vulnerability could cause buffer overflows and lead to privilege escalation attacks.
Gates: We're Investing Heavily in Security
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published March 31, 2004
The Microsoft chairman issues a software security progress report, highlighting 'significant investments' in four key areas.
Malicious Cisco Code Circulating
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published March 30, 2004
The release of a hacking toolkit to exploit security holes in Cisco products has sent the networking giant scrambling.
Hotmail, Yahoo Users at Risk of PC Takeover
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published March 23, 2004
Malicious hackers could inject harmful code just by e-mailing an unsuspecting Hotmail or Yahoo user.
Blaster Type Virus Attack Called 'Imminent'
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published February 17, 2004
Exploit code for 'critical' Windows ASN.1 flaw could lead to major network disruption. Microsoft Patches 'Critical' ASN.1 Flaw
'Bagle' Virus Threat Upgraded
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published January 20, 2004
New e-mail virus includes a backdoor component which could allow an attacker to execute malicious code on infected systems.
Microsoft To Appeal Latest Browser Ruling
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published January 15, 2004
UPDATE: The controversial '906 patent spat has taken a new turn with a judge ordering Microsoft to pay $521M in damages, but waiting for an appeal.
BitTorrent, 'Gi-Fi,' and Other Trends in 2004
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published December 31, 2003
Jupitermedia's editors have compiled a list of some of the ideas/trends/innovations to keep an eye on in 2004.
Target Spam: NY AG, Microsoft File $38M Suits
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published December 18, 2003
UPDATE: The allies launch a massive legal offensive against a spam network allegedly responsible for sending more than 250 million junk e-mails daily.
NYC: Cybersecurity Goes Beyond IT Industry
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published December 11, 2003
New York City's point man for IT issues a challenge to the security software industry.
Wind River Embraces OSDL, Linux
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published December 1, 2003
The about-face could pit the software powerhouse against Red Hat and SuSE.
Security Threats Outpace Net Usage Growth
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published November 12, 2003
More than 6 percent of e-commerce transactions were potentially fraudulent.
'Critical' Office 2003 Patch Released
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published November 5, 2003
Microsoft plugs holes in Powerpoint, Word and Excel products within all editions of its newest Office 2003 software suite.
Virus Poses as Microsoft Security Patch
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 19, 2003
ALERT: Microsoft never issues security patches via e-mail.
AMD Boss Preaches 64-Bit Gospel
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 18, 2003
Chief executive Dr Hector Ruiz uses the TECHXNY stage to rail against 'disruptive costs' that have bogged down the IT industry.
'Blaster' Teen Suspect Arrested
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published August 29, 2003
UPDATE: The FBI has arrested Minnesota teenager Jeffrey Lee Parson on suspicion he created a destructive variant of the 'Blaster' worm.
Sobig.F Weekend Attack Thwarted; Feds Hunt Source
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published August 25, 2003
Despite claiming a minor victory over a second wave of the fast-spreading worm, experts warn that open ports on infected machines continue to pose a major threat.
Lookout Warning Issued for Site Defacements
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published July 3, 2003
Enterprise IT admins are urged to review existing security policies, especially on outward facing Web servers.
Analyst: MS Passport Flaws Hurt Single-ID Services
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published July 2, 2003
Microsoft plugs another security hole in the Passport single-ID application, a move that further erodes public confidence in e-commerce identity services.
Starwood Sees $$$ in Wi-Fi
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published June 18, 2003
With heavy investments on Wi-Fi at hundreds of worldwide locations, the hospitality giant searches for a 'killer app' to drive the industry.
Draft Vuln Warning Guidelines Released
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published June 5, 2003
The Organization for Internet Safety (OIS) is proposing the use of binding arbitration as a way to resolve vulnerability reporting conflicts between vendors and security researchers.
Security Disclosure Debate Reignites
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published May 30, 2003
Multiple vulnerabilities remain unpatched in the Sun ONE Application Server, rekindling the debate over responsible disclosure of security warnings.
Problematic Windows XP Update Pulled
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published May 28, 2003
Microsoft withdrew a Windows XP software update after thousands of users complained the patch was blocking Internet connectivity.
'Buffalo Spammer' Arrested
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published May 14, 2003
UPDATE: The notorious spammer accused of sending more than 825 million unsolicited e-mails from illegal EarthLink accounts is arrested and arraigned in New York. New Bill Would Expose Spammers to RICO Act
'Fizzer' Worm Squirms Across the Web
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published May 12, 2003
Anti-virus experts are monitoring a new mass-mailing worm spreading itself via e-mail address books and the Kazaa P2P network.
Mozilla Adds NTLM Authentication in 1.4 Beta
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published May 9, 2003
The latest beta of the open-source browser project adds some nifty new features and support for secure authentication with Microsoft Web and proxy servers.
Beware That Windows Error Message
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published April 17, 2003
Microsoft issued a security patch for a flaw in the way the Windows kernel passes error messages to a debugger.
Apple's Safari Beta 2 Goes Tabbing
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published April 14, 2003
The latest upgrade adds tabbed page-switching and an AutoFill feature aimed at speeding up Web surfing for Mac users.
When Patches Aren't Applied
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published March 28, 2003
FEATURE: Security experts estimate that barely 50 percent of all software security patches are applied by enterprise IT administrators. With all the threats circulating, why the indifference?'Important' Patch Issued But Not for NT
Microsoft Strengthens HelpDesk Features in CRM
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published March 20, 2003
In a deal with Network Associates, Microsoft stitches the Magic Solutions HelpDesk IQ product to its new CRM suite.
Sun Illuminates its Web Services Progress
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published March 19, 2003
The Sun ONE Web Services Platform Developer Edition will feature a package of software and tools needed to build Web Services applications.
Microsoft Patches 'Critical' Windows 2000 Flaw
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published March 17, 2003
An exploit for the security vulnerability is already publicly available, increasing the urgency for the application of the patch.
RIM 'Connects' with Microsoft, Symbian
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published March 17, 2003
UPDATE: The 'BlackBerry Connect' licensing program opens up the wireless e-mail gateway to mobile device makers. Symbian and Microsoft are among the first to sign on.
Microsoft Hangs Up on Vo-IP in Messenger
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published February 21, 2003
The coming upgrade of the Windows Messenger for XP will feature only Microsoft's voice technology instead of third-party net phone companies.
Linux Goes Under Security Microscope
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published February 13, 2003
IBM, Oracle and Red Hat plans to put Linux up for Common Criteria certification, an international standard that grades technology for reliability and security.
Microsoft Issues 'Critical' IE Patch
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published February 5, 2003
Another 'critical' cumulative patch is issued for Internet Explorer versions 5.01, 5.5, 6.0.Problematic Windows NT Patch Pulled
Report: Gov't Cybersecurity Chief to Quit
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published January 29, 2003
Immediately after submitting his controversial plan to secure cyberspace, Internet Security czar Richard Clarke will quit and look for a job in the private sector, Reuters reports.
EarthLink Restructuring Costs 1,300 Jobs
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published January 28, 2003
The third-largest ISP shuts down call center facilities in four U.S. cities in a move that will save about $20 million annually.
Lotusphere: IBM Pushes Messaging, Collaboration
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published January 28, 2003
Big Blue rolls out a slew of new Lotus products including a low-end enterprise Web mail running on WebSphere and DB2 and a new e-learning management system.
Smooth Sailing with .ORG Transition
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published January 28, 2003
The technical transition of the .ORG TLD registry is hailed as 'the largest transfer of data from one registry to another in the history of the Internet.'
Microsoft's 'Titanium' Renamed, Beta 2 Released
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published January 6, 2003
The beta version of 'Titanium' has been released for general download under a brand-new name -- Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.
Corel Soups Up XML Platform
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published December 11, 2002
The latest rollout of Corel's XMetaL platform adds support for Microsoft's ActiveX technology and four components targeting both developers and end users.
SEC Slaps Wall Street Over E-mail
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published December 3, 2002
Five Wall Street broker-dealers have been slapped with fines totaling $8.25 million for violating guidelines for e-mail record-keeping.
RIM to Appeal $23M Patent Suit Loss
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published November 22, 2002
The jury ruling could effectively stop the sale of RIM's Blackberry devices in the U.S. but the company vows a spirited legal appeal.
Palm Enables RealPlayer, Wrist PDAs
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published November 18, 2002
Deal with Fossil creates Palm OS-based Wrist PDAs; RealNetworks alliance turns Tungsten PDA into MP3 players.
HP Trumps Dell's PDA Entry
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published November 18, 2002
The rival PC makers gets set to duke it out in the handheld PDA space and analysts are expecting an all-out price war.
Sharp Rolls Out New Linux PDAs
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published November 12, 2002
Competition in the handheld PDA space got a little more heated with Sharp's launch of the Zaurus SL-5600, a PDA designed for the enterprise user with a heavy workload
As the Bridex Worm Turns
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published November 5, 2002
The Bridex e-mail worm targets a known vulnerability in Microsoft Windows: it's capable of spreading a variant of the active Funlove virus.
Holey Microsoft!
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published October 31, 2002
Redmond issues three security alerts to spackle holes in its Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, Windows 2000 platform and versions of the Internet Information Server.
DoS Bug Found in Oracle9i App Server
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published October 29, 2002
Security consultants @stake has discovered a vulnerability in the Oracle9i Application Server that could lead to Denial of Service (DoS) scenarios.
EMC, Dell Aim Low with CX200
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published October 28, 2002
The low-end CLARiiON CX200 is the third storage device coming out of the one-year-old EMC/Dell partnership.
Massive DDoS Attack Hit DNS Root Servers
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published October 23, 2002
The 'ping-flooding' attack interrupted Web traffic on nine of the 13 DNS root servers but experts dismissed the overall threat as 'minimal.'
Outlook Express Bug; MSN IM Worm Detected
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published October 11, 2002
Microsoft issues a fix for a flaw in the Outlook Express S/MIME parsing functions.
Apache Fixes Bugs in Server Upgrade
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published October 4, 2002
Fixes to three security vulnerabilities and several new features have been added to the latest release of the Apache HTTP Server.
'Critical' Windows Help, SQL Flaws Patched
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published October 3, 2002
Microsoft plugs 'critical' security holes in the Windows HTML Help facility and the SQL Server products.
Ellison Leaves Apple Board
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 20, 2002
The Oracle boss resigns as a director of the PC maker, citing scheduling difficulties.
Sun Rises on N1 Architecture
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 18, 2002
UPDATE: Sun lifts the wraps off N1, its distributed computing architecture for enterprise customers.
Mozilla Flaw Springs Privacy Leak
By Ryan Naraine |  Article Published September 16, 2002
Researchers have found a flaw in Mozilla-based browsers that exposes the URL of the page a user is viewing to the Web server of the site visited last.

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