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If Business Succeeds with GNU/Linux, Why Not OLPC?
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published June 17, 2008
How is that a charity education project couldn't leverage the cost savings of GNU/Linux, when highly competitive businesses so often do?
Red Hat Linux Desktop Moves: Calculated Strategy
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published May 5, 2008
Some have voiced concern at Red Hat’s move to deemphasize the desktop, yet it’s a strategy that should be seen in a larger context.
Threats (Subversive and Otherwise) to GNU/Linux Growth
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published March 10, 2008
The impediments to GNU/Linux growth range from patents to proprietary standards to lobbying.
SCO Bags $100 Million But Who Benefits?
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published February 18, 2008
The hefty investment in the beleaguered company raises some serious questions.
How Would GNU/Linux Users Be Affected by Yahoo-Microsoft Merger?
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published February 4, 2008
The proposed merger appears to work against the growth of GNU/Linux.
Speeding Up Free Software Adoption: External and Internal Routes to Success
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published January 28, 2008
The Free software sector and its twin branch, open source, have grown quickly in recent years. Yet there are still factors that, if changed, would further speed adoption.
Signposts of GNU/Linux Growth in 2007, Part 2
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published January 7, 2008
GNU/Linux took significant strides forward in areas ranging from servers to devices to cloud computing.
Signposts of GNU/Linux Growth in 2007, Part 1
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published December 31, 2007
From supercomputers to mobile phones to the desktop, Linux was on the march in 2007.
Interview with Richard Stallman: Four Essential Freedoms
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published December 19, 2007
The founder of the free software movement talks about the difference between open source and free software, the dangers of tivoization, and which user-interactive program is most important to him personally.
The Laws of Open Standards Broken by Interoperability
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published December 3, 2007
Open standards shouldn’t be replaced by a void promise of interoperability, which is incompatible with everything that standards and Free open source software stand for.
Gobuntu: A Truly Free Linux Distro or a Free Drivers Experiment?
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published November 8, 2007
There’s disagreement about whether Gobuntu lives up to its goal as the “strictest possible interpretation of the Free Software Foundation's ‘Four Freedoms.’”
Interview With Pamela Jones, Editor of Groklaw
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published November 2, 2007
The influential Groklaw founder talks about her attitude toward SCO, the limitations of crowdsourcing, and her experiment in “applying open source principles to legal research.”
The Role and Value of Truly Free Linux Distributions
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published October 21, 2007
With free drivers, whose acceptance is facilitated by projects like Gobuntu, all code is independent from the iron fist of its original creator and maintainer. The benefits to the user are numerous.
Migrating to Linux in the Enterprise Using Vendor-independent Formats
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published July 16, 2007
For a successful migration, data needs to be stored in a format that is independent from single applications and proprietary standards.
Can Linux Adoption Ever be Accurately Gauged?
By Roy Schestowitz |  Article Published July 9, 2007
Endless attempts have been made to count Linux users, yet the operating system’s true growth remains an enigma.

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