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Windows 7: Will XP Users Finally Let Go?
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published November 10, 2008
Based on the pre-beta, Windows 7 has made major strides past the troubled Vista OS.
Windows 7: Microsoft says "No Looking Back"
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published October 1, 2008
The upcoming Windows 7 release will have at least two new key features that will move the OS forward.
Test Drive Software: Vista, Linux, and Apps
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published August 29, 2008
The list of software programs you can try online without needing to download is getting longer all the time.
Has Vista Been Unfairly Savaged by the Media?
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published August 7, 2008
Given Vista’s many steps forward, it seems that it’s been treated inordinately roughly. This may be because its parts are perhaps better than the whole.
Finding Windows XP Now That It's 'Officially' Cancelled
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published July 22, 2008
Getting a copy of XP these days is like buying whiskey during Prohibition. It can be done, but you need to know the secret handshake.
7 Tips to Keep Windows XP Running (For Years...)
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published July 10, 2008
If you'd prefer to skip Vista and wait for the next Windows release, you’ll need to use some serous life extension techniques.
Let's Not Repeat the Vista Mistakes in Windows 7
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published June 24, 2008
A veteran Windows IT administrator gives Redmond seven suggestions for improving Windows 7.
Protect Your PC by Blocking Malicious Sites
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published May 28, 2008
The Windows IP address manager can be your friend, enabling you to create a wall between your machine and the black hats.
Improving Windows XP: Windows in a Box
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published May 12, 2008
A free utility that boosts productivity in Windows XP, Windows in a Box is a little bit of bliss in a very busy world.
SP3 for Windows XP: Download it Manually
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published May 6, 2008
Despite snafus in the release of Service Pack 3 for Windows XP, there is a way for you to install it.
Tips for Living Peacefully with Vista's UAC
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published April 10, 2008
Yes, those constant UAC prompts are irritating, but there are ways to make them less so.
The "Save Windows XP" Campaign Rages On!
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published March 13, 2008
The campaign to save XP ultimately will pass by, and by late 2009 users will be angry over Windows 7. So get over it, would you?
Internet Explorer 8: Review
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published March 7, 2008
IE8 offers a variety of new features, as well as some improvements on existing browsing tools. Just watch out for those glitches in toolbar add-ons.
Windows XP Users: Don't Boot Vista, Dual Boot Instead
By Ronald Barrett |  Article Published February 26, 2008
Not quite ready for the move to Vista? We’ll show you how to ease your way into Vista and keep that XP system you’ve come to love.

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