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Practical Techniques for Training Adults
By Rob England |  Article Published November 25, 2009
In this final article on IT training, Rob England gets down to some nitty-gritty tips and techniques to use in the classroom.
Delivering Training to Adults
By Rob England |  Article Published October 29, 2009
In the third part of this series on IT training, Rob England looks at the practical aspects of training adults.
Teaching Adults (Yes, It's Different)
By Rob England |  Article Published August 10, 2009
Just as we employ best-practice bodies of knowledge such as ITIL, to a lesser extent there are theoretical frameworks around adult learning.
IT Teachers Suck
By Rob England |  Article Published July 13, 2009
Enterprises seek best practices for operations, security, service, facilities and other IT disciplines. So why is training so often relegated to amateur hour?
Managing Your Boss: Your Biggest Job
By Rob England |  Article Published April 27, 2009
Much attention is paid in IT these days to processes, with Operations Management, Change Management, and a raft of Something Managements. Perhaps the most important thing to manage is seldom mentioned: your boss.
The Commoditization of the Tech Professional
By Rob England |  Article Published August 13, 2007
Today’s tech management consultant could end up like yesteryear's steam engine driver – unless they keep their eyes on the horizon.
I Saw It On a Screen -- So It Must Be True!
By Rob England |  Article Published July 30, 2007
In the supposedly tech-savvy 21st century, one hopes that people would be skeptical of anything a computer produces. But put something on a screen...
When Will Technology Make Life Simpler?
By Rob England |  Article Published July 11, 2007
Technology has gone mad, with techno-freaks allowed to design user interfaces. Why does my car need a firmware upgrade?
Geeks and the Meaning of Life
By Rob England |  Article Published June 4, 2007
It behooves IT staffers to look at their life and decide what’s really important – and what’s not.
How an IT Guy Found Job Freedom
By Rob England |  Article Published May 21, 2007
A tech expert talks about leaving a job to start his own tech consulting firm: the pitfalls, the worries, the steps you can take.
Inside the Geek
By Rob England |  Article Published April 10, 2007
A fearless journey inside the psyche of the technology specialist.
Seven Steps for Helping Geeks Grow
By Rob England |  Article Published March 9, 2007
Geeks need to grow to retain their value to the business and their personal satisfaction. Here’s a guide to the process.
How Secure is Your IT Technical Career?
By Rob England |  Article Published March 1, 2007
Strategies for coping with the constantly shifting sands of the tech industry, including how to avoid a layoff.
Twelve Tips for Managing Geeks
By Rob England |  Article Published February 8, 2007
A guide to supervising the all-important hardware and software experts who keep the IT infrastructure working smoothly.

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