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Salesforce Earnings Look Rosy
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published February 26, 2009
Recession? What recession? The SaaS pioneer manages to beat industry expectations even in the face of deep gloom.
Virtualization Vendors Take Shots at VMware
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published February 24, 2009
VMware is a big dog in the virtualization market, yet other vendors covet its customers.
Experts on Web 2.0 Security Problems
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published February 21, 2009
Making Web 2.0 applications safe will take more work, according an industry group.
Study: SaaS is Costly Over Time
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published February 21, 2009
SaaS may be cheaper in the short term, but an industry analyst cautions that costs rise over time.
Cloud Computing Works Only for Some Firms
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published February 19, 2009
cloud computing can offer great cost savings but it simply will not work for certain companies.
Salesforce Departures: Belt Tightening?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published February 9, 2009
Does Salesforce's loss of three key executives signal typical job churn or essential cost cutting in the face of rough seas ahead?
Why Businesses Need a CRM Strategy
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published February 5, 2009
Tracking customer behavior is not enough, business has to win their hearts and minds, CRM expert says.
SugarCRM Reaches Further Into The Cloud
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published February 3, 2009
At its annual user conference, SugarCRM rolls out cloud connectors and customization features for mobile devices.
Spammers Are Gaming Google's Adwords
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 25, 2009
Researchers are warning of some bad actors in paid results on Google.
Downadup: The Web's Next Big Threat?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 24, 2009
Experts blame a lack of patching and an advanced design for the rise of a worm that could outpace Storm.
Intel, Citrix Team on Virtualization
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 23, 2009
Can the marriage of Xen and vPro save IT money and improve security?
Can You Back Up Virtualized Systems Safely?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 21, 2009
Virtualizing a system is much easier than backing it up and restoring it.
Get Ready for Inauguration Spam
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 20, 2009
As Obama prepares to be sworn in, hackers and spammers are gearing up for a field day.
Virtualization: Doing More Harm Than Good?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 19, 2009
A study finds that without adequate tools to manage application performance, you may expect
Does the State Dept. Ignore Security?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 18, 2009
Reports suggest an ongoing pattern of unauthorized access to citizens' personal information.
Salesforce Launches 'Service Cloud'
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 15, 2009
Customer service solution leverages partnerships with Google Facebook and Amazon.
Social Networks Among Trends in CRM for 2009
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published January 5, 2009
Business value and getting more bang for the buck will be important.
Collaboration Apps Mean New Security Concerns
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 22, 2008
Sure, it's cool to aim at joining the Enterprise 2.0 crowd, but it opens up your business to security problems.
Enterprise Software Demand to Weaken
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 15, 2008
Everybody will be cutting costs, but there will be some bright spots.
Web 2.0 and Cloud Tech: A Spammers' Paradise?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 15, 2008
More sites and businesses are hopping onto the latest tech bandwagons. You can bet that the bad guys will be, too.
SaaS, Green Tech in Top 2009 IT Growth Areas
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 14, 2008
It's all about doing more with less in order to survive, according to a new report by Verizon.
Inside Microsoft's Big Enterprise Growth Plans
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 11, 2008
Databases, the cloud, virtualization, oh my! It's all targeting the enterprise.
Web Services Interoperability May Get Chaotic
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 9, 2008
New entrant to the field may spark a battle among major players.
Salesforce Unveils for Google App Engine
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 8, 2008
The relationship between the two cloud players gets even cozier.
IDC: Economy Will Force IT to Transform
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 6, 2008
In 2009, expect to see big deals and sprawling new enterprise offerings emerging in cloud computing, Web 2.0 and virtualization.
Which Cloud Should Firms Use, Inside or Outside?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published December 4, 2008
It boils down to what you really want to do.
IBM Unveils Cloud Certification, Consulting Plans
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published November 25, 2008
Big Blue makes an even more aggressive push into the cloud. But will it help consolidate industry standards?
Salesforce Sees Record Revenue, Expects More
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published November 23, 2008
Revenues hit new high, company confident enough to issue guidance for next fiscal year.
CA's Debuts 'Mainframe 2.0' for Big Iron
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published November 20, 2008
Mainframe sales are up, but the number of skilled administrators and managers is down. CA thinks it has part of the solution.
Chinks Appear in WPA's Wireless Security Armor
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published November 8, 2008
A partial crack could signal problems ahead, given today's wide reliance on WPA for wireless security.
Enterprises Still Lax on Storage Security
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 29, 2008
Encrypting backup tapes is a good way to prevent data losses, but few companies do this correctly -- or know where to store their encryption keys.
IBM Bets on the Browser as Application Platform
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 28, 2008
Browser-based computing with mashups and clouds may be the next paradigm.
IBM Says It Will Weather Global Financial Chaos
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 19, 2008
With plenty of cash in hand and good access to credit, Big Blue hastens to reassure analysts that it's sitting pretty.
Ballmer slaps Google, Ogles Yahoo, Anoints Vista
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 17, 2008
Microsoft's CEO outlines the company's thinking and provides a peek at what's coming down the line.
Security Spending to Grow, Will Differ by Region
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 13, 2008
Not all companies in the country have the same security needs or emphases.
Oracle and SAP Keep Hammering Each Other
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 12, 2008
Are the vendors locked in a death dance? Or a war of attrition?
Microsoft Bundling For BI
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 10, 2008
The vendor's bundling its workhorse products for business intelligence packages. It's got some competition in the sector.
Arms Race Continues in SOA
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 8, 2008
HP and IBM load up on new features while refining their focuses -- each aiming to cash in on the appeal for software-oriented architecture.
GOP Laptop Stolen After Missouri Break-in
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 8, 2008
Political dirty tricks afoot in Missouri?
Researcher Claims 200K Web Sites at Risk
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 6, 2008
Exploiters are offering crime as a service, from the SaaS model.
Arbitrary Seizure of Travelers' Laptops Ending?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 4, 2008
Fourth Amendment rights could be restored at the border. Let's hope!
There's Hope for the IT Industry
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published October 1, 2008
Consultants, system integrators and pay as you go services will get a boost as corporations tighten their belts on IT spending.
IT Sector Braces For Spending Slowdown
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 30, 2008
New research suggests IT equipment orders will be slashed as finance industry reels.
Oracle Unveils First Hardware Products
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 25, 2008
Not satisfied with current database servers, Larry Ellison teams up with HP.
Oracle's 'Beehive' Approach to Market Share
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 24, 2008
Open server leverages existing infrastructure, including Microsoft's Active Directory.
Oracle's Big Show will be BEA's Coming Out Party
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 22, 2008
None other than Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps will join Oracle CEO Larry Ellison at the Oracle OpenWorld conference this week.
IBM Slashes Virtual Desktop Storage Requirements
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 17, 2008
Pips VMware through clever use of technology.
Microsoft Uses VMworld to Hype its Hypervisor
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 17, 2008
Invited to VMware's user conference, archrival Microsoft rubs it in a little.
Mozilla Re-Thinking Firefox EULA
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 16, 2008
After taking criticism from Linux vendors, Mozilla is now going to redo its end user license agreement and make it more friendly for open source.
VMware Maps Out Its Future at VMworld 2008
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 16, 2008
As rivals like Microsoft gather speed, VMware looks to technologies around the hypervisor to help it stay ahead.
Rogue Sys Admin Still Haunts San Francisco
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 14, 2008
After finding yet another unauthorized device on its network, the department has the jitters.
Rogue Sys Admin Still Haunts San Francisco
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 14, 2008
After finding yet another unauthorized device on its network, the department has the jitters.
An Enterprise Content Breakthrough?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 12, 2008
The hope is that a new specification will help companies finally handle and manage all the information stored in different repositories throughout the enterprise.
Enterprise IT Spending Outlook Grim Near Term
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 12, 2008
High energy costs and the Presidential election are hammering corporate IT purchases in the United States, though interest in the iPhone is picking up.
Microsoft Charges Ahead in Virtualization
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 11, 2008
Aiming for a worldwide audience, Microsoft hammers away at VMware with product updates and confabs designed to undermine the market leader.
Products to Watch at TechCrunch50
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 9, 2008
Yahoo flies the flag, as wannabes strut their stuff and pray for funding.
The Next Wave in Collaborative Software
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published September 8, 2008
New applications leverage Web 2.0 technologies to provide a totally new experience.
Enterprises Looking to the Clouds, Dell Says
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 31, 2008
System provider Dell pushing hardware, infrastructure help to oil giants, Facebook, Goldman Sachs and others.
SAP to Innovate Heavily in SMB On-Demand Suite
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 28, 2008
Business intelligence to pervade enterprise software giant's forthcoming products.
The Trouble With Virtual Disaster Recovery
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 27, 2008
Embracing virtualization helps cut costs, but will it lead to trouble when there's a massive systems failure?
VMware May Be Hit Hard by Hypervisor Error
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 18, 2008
While the problem was relatively minor, it could cause partners and users to look askance at the company, which has prided itself on its quality.
Inadequate Tools Send Software Down the Drain
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 15, 2008
It's all about requirements definition, but antiquated tools and methodologies see money wasted.
IBM Unveils Proactive E-Discovery Solution
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 12, 2008
Why wait until you face a lawsuit, then pay through the nose for an e-discovery solution you'll only use once or twice?
The Mainframe Still Lives
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 12, 2008
If cats have nine lives, the mainframe beats them out handily.
New VM Templates Leave Oracle's Drawing Board
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 11, 2008
All-in-one templates for virtual machines may make it easy to set up and run Oracle environments, but will anyone bite?
Citrix CTO Eyes the Future of Virtualization
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 8, 2008
Emerging standards in virtualization bring enterprises closer to the promise of anywhere, anytime computing.
The Pitfalls of Open Source Litigation
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 8, 2008
Some large companies try to sidestep the tangled web of licenses that apply to open source software.
Networks: The Crux of Tomorrow's Datacenter
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 7, 2008
Perhaps Scott McNealy was right when he said "the network is the computer" all those years ago, and the next generation of datacenters will bear that out.
Big Bucks Lure New Blood in Virtualization Tools
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 5, 2008
As enterprises continue investing heavily in virtual environments and infrastructure, more vendors are throwing their hats into the ring while others are putting up their dukes.
Insider Data Thieves Are the Worst
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published August 3, 2008
When good employees go bad and steal other employees' data, they usually try to buy cell phones.
BPM Tie-up Craze Claims IBM, Ilog
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published July 29, 2008
Big Blue and the software maker make their long partnership complete.
Virtualization Needs a New Backup Strategy
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published July 28, 2008
Symantec says the advent of virtualization in enterprises means existing strategies for backup and recovery are inadequate, and require an overhaul.
Are Changes Coming in the SaaS World?
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published July 26, 2008
Where is software-as-a-service headed, and will it ever become widely adopted in the enterprise? That depends on whom you talk to.
NetSuite Beefs Up Automation Business Apps
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published July 25, 2008
Software upgrades are part of company's ambitious growth plan.
Oracle Unveils Access Management Suite
By Richard Adhikari |  Article Published July 24, 2008
Rolls up products from various acquisitions to further its vision for application-centric identity, touts product as helping ensure compliance with Red Flag Rules.

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