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Big Data Storage ROI Calculator
By Paul Shread | Data Center Article Published May 22, 2014
Though focused on Big Data, the Big Data Storage ROI Calculator assists in factoring costs in a variety of storage scenarios.
Exclusive Data Center Research: The Vendors and Technologies That Are Winning
By Paul Shread | Data Center Article Published January 2, 2014
A survey of IT professionals reveals which companies and technologies are most actively shaping today's data centers.
What's Hot in IT: Mobile, Big Data, Software-Defined Everything
By Paul Shread | Data Center Article Published August 27, 2013
Automated Big Data, security issues around mobile, and software-defined computing are rapidly impacting IT -- as well as the entire business community.
MicroStrategy Reaps Virtualization's Benefits with Software-Defined Data Center
By Paul Shread | Data Center Article Published July 25, 2013
MicroStrategy was an early adopter of VMware's vCloud virtual data center technology, and the business intelligence company has reaped huge rewards as a result.
Software-Defined Data Centers Could Change the IT Landscape
By Paul Shread | Data Center Article Published July 25, 2013
IT vendors like VMware, Red Hat and Citrix are close to realizing a decades-old vision of virtualized data centers, which could usher in an era of commoditized hardware and self-service IT. What will that mean for vendors, end users and IT pros?
Exclusive Cloud Research: The Biggest Names Don't Always Get the RFPs
By Paul Shread | Cloud Article Published June 6, 2013
Contradicting conventional wisdom, the cloud computing vendors with the highest brand awareness do not receive the most request for proposals.
SAP Touts Two HANA In-Memory Analytics Apps
By Paul Shread | Applications Article Published September 14, 2011
SAP boosts its in-memory analytics offering with two additional HANA applications.
IBM Boosts Analytics, Acquires Algorithmics and i2
By Paul Shread | Data Center Article Published September 2, 2011
Having made a strategic decision to focus heavily on business analytics, IBM invested still more in its BI portfolio this week with two acquisitions.
Salesforce Unveils Social, Mobile Apps at Dreamforce
By Paul Shread | Applications Article Published September 1, 2011
At the big Dreamforce confab, Salesforce's new products and features reflected emerging trends in tech.
ERP Merger: Infor, Lawson Alliance Creates New ERP Titan
By Paul Shread | Data Center Article Published April 27, 2011
The newly formed competitor will be the third largest ERP company behind market leaders SAP and Oracle.
iPad Leads Mobile Business Intelligence
By Paul Shread |  Article Published March 2, 2011
Surprising some business observers, the iPad tops the Blackberry for mobile business intelligence deployments.
Microsoft Launches Dynamics CRM 2011 Beta
By Paul Shread |  Article Published September 10, 2010
The Microsoft CRM solution is available for both cloud computing and on-premises deployments.
EMC Talks Storage Network Future
By Paul Shread |  Article Published March 16, 2010
The storage network will grow ever more sophisticated, if EMC's new plans comes to fruition. Global Marketing CTO Chuck Hollis provides the details.
Data Storage Vendors Poised for Virtualization Gains
By Paul Shread |  Article Published January 13, 2010
Big data storage vendors like EMC and NetApp are positioned to score major gains from the mass migration to server virtualization.
Lower Enterprise Storage Costs: Open Source
By Paul Shread |  Article Published December 7, 2009
Two data storage vendors are out with new products that they tout as offering significant cost savings over more traditional storage systems.
Data Storage Market Sees Green Shoots
By Paul Shread |  Article Published July 9, 2009
The gloom remains in the data storage market, yet better times may perhaps be beckoning.
EMC May Soon Debut 'Tigon'
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 11, 2009
One industry source says that he thinks EMC will announce a new high-end Symmetrix array, the DMX-5, codenamed "Tigon."
Virtually Speaking: NetApp Ups the Virtual Storage Ante
By Paul Shread |  Article Published February 21, 2008
Amid a tough environment for IT spending, Network Appliance is making a play for VMware storage business.
NetApp Sues Sun
By Paul Shread |  Article Published September 6, 2007
Network Appliance claims that Sun's ZFS file system technology infringes on seven NetApp patents.
Call/Recall Pushes Optical Limits
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 27, 2007
A private company with roots in Bell Labs hopes to put optical storage on the enterprise map with new technology that squeezes 1TB on a single disk and offers transfer rates that compete with hard disk drives.
Imation Moves Backup Online
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 19, 2007
The storage media specialist launches a new online backup service aimed at SMBs.
Startup Makes Disaster Recovery Work
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 13, 2007
Continuity Software claims it can make disaster recovery work better — and it won't charge customers if it can't.
Xiotech Wants You to Comply
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 8, 2007
Xiotech's latest offering helps storage users meet compliance and e-discovery demands.
NetApp Paces Storage Market
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 6, 2007
Network Appliance vaults into the top five as the rest of the storage market slows, according to Gartner.
Brocade Branches Out
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 4, 2007
In a surprising move, the storage switch maker announces its entry into the host bus adapter market.
Cisco Plans Storage Security Push
By Paul Shread |  Article Published May 18, 2007
Cisco Systems will ship a fabric-based encryption offering for disk and tape later this year that the company says bests current approaches.
EMC Gives SRM a Virtual Twist
By Paul Shread |  Article Published May 16, 2007
The latest release of EMC's flagship storage resource management software includes support for VMware and better reporting capabilities.
Storage Vendors Pledge Data Integrity
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 19, 2007
Seagate, Oracle, LSI and Emulex demonstrate end-to-end data integrity for enterprise storage systems at SNW.
Gresham Makes Tape Virtual
By Paul Shread |  Article Published March 30, 2007
Gresham Enterprise Storage hopes to turn its data tape expertise into success in virtual tape.
Sun Shelves Midrange Storage Array
By Paul Shread |  Article Published March 2, 2007
Sun is phasing out its 6920 midrange virtualization array and shifting support to HDS, deepening the storage ties between the two companies.
Holographic Storage Appears
By Paul Shread |  Article Published January 5, 2007
InPhase is shipping its first holographic storage drives and media, turning a 40-year-old dream into reality.
Grid, Virtualization Get Closer
By Paul Shread |  Article Published January 3, 2007
Grid computing could become inseparable from virtualization and service-oriented architectures, according to 451 Group analysts.
High-End NAS Gets a New Player
By Paul Shread |  Article Published December 12, 2006
Hitachi Data Systems gets into high-end NAS, thanks to an OEM deal with BlueArc.
Another Solid Quarter for Storage
By Paul Shread |  Article Published December 4, 2006
The third quarter was another good one for storage vendors, and EMC led the way, according to IDC.
Symantec Looks Beyond Virtual Tape
By Paul Shread |  Article Published November 15, 2006
Symantec has unveiled plans to move disk-based backup away from legacy tape environments.
Gear6 Speeds Up Storage
By Paul Shread |  Article Published October 20, 2006
The startup hopes to boost NAS performance with a first-of-its-kind centralized storage caching solution.
Data Protection Looms Large at Storage Decisions
By Paul Shread |  Article Published October 2, 2006
Microsoft and VMware are just two of the vendors unveiling data protection products at last week's Storage Decisions conference.
Storage Sales Shine
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 5, 2006
In a quarter when server sales declined 2 percent, storage sales grew at a double-digit rate, according to IDC. And the real surprise was the performance of Sun Microsystems.
Big Change at Sun
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 25, 2006
Shares of Sun Microsystems leapt 9% in late trading Monday on news that CEO Scott McNealy will step down after 22 years at the helm.
Microsoft Gives SANs The Boot
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 10, 2006
Microsoft's SNW announcements include diskless boot of Windows Server 2003 over IP SANs, among other storage plans.
Virtual Replication Made Easy
By Paul Shread |  Article Published February 3, 2006
Virtual server replication may soon get easier, thanks to NSI Software's Double-Take for Virtual Systems.
Storage Analysts See Solid 2006
By Paul Shread |  Article Published December 20, 2005
Analysts from Robert W. Baird & Co. are predicting a solid year ahead for the storage market. Among the surprises: tape is alive and well.
HP: The New Dell?
By Paul Shread |  Article Published November 18, 2005
It's hard to call a few quarters a major trend, but so far HP's turnaround is showing signs of sticking.
Storage Security Market Heats Up
By Paul Shread |  Article Published November 10, 2005
The storage security market has been heating up as of late, spurred by high-profile data breaches and growing congressional interest in the issue.
Merger Monday Puts Techs In Play
By Paul Shread |  Article Published September 13, 2005
A pair of blockbuster mergers in the technology sector Monday had investors wondering who might be next.
Intel, Yahoo Ease Slowdown Fears
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 19, 2005
Fears of an economic slowdown eased Tuesday after a number of top tech companies reported strong quarterly results.
IBM, Apple Fuel Slowdown Fears
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 14, 2005
An earnings miss from IBM and slowing growth at Apple renewed fears of an economic slowdown on Thursday.IBM Hits Profit, Misses Guidance
Oracle Tops Forecasts
By Paul Shread |  Article Published March 22, 2005
Oracle beat estimates and raised guidance after the close on Tuesday, capping a day in which the Federal Reserve unnerved investors.
EMC Ships First 4-Gig Fibre Channel Product
By Paul Shread |  Article Published February 7, 2005
Brocade becomes the first storage switch vendor to qualify a 4-gig offering with EMC.
Apple Blows Past Estimates
By Paul Shread |  Article Published January 12, 2005
Apple delivered the earnings surprise of the season after the close on Wednesday, releasing results that far surpassed Wall Street expectations.
Redmond Moves Unnerve McAfee Investors
By Paul Shread |  Article Published December 20, 2004
Shares of McAfee sank Monday after Microsoft made its second move against the security company in a week.
EMC Expands NAS Offerings
By Paul Shread |  Article Published August 30, 2004
EMC is expanding its network-attached storage (NAS) offerings with two new midrange options and a high-end product.
Another Down Day For Techs
By Paul Shread |  Article Published August 11, 2004
The Federal Reserve may be convinced that the economic slowdown is temporary, but technology investors appear to have some doubts about that view.
Broadcom Makes Storage Security Standard
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 4, 2004
Broadcom has unveiled storage management software that puts the company at the forefront of vendors addressing storage security concerns.
IDC Sees Big Opportunity for Grid Computing
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 27, 2004
The Grid computing market is 'on the verge of major expansion,' according to a new IDC report.
Alliance Formed to Boost Enterprise Grid Computing
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 20, 2004
Nineteen technology companies have banded together to form an alliance focused on Grid computing in enterprises.
Gateway Mulls Future Of Grid Computing Service
By Paul Shread |  Article Published April 13, 2004
Gateway's decision to shutter its retail stores has thrown the future of its Grid computing service into question.
Storage Industry Ends 2003 with a Bang
By Paul Shread |  Article Published March 5, 2004
UPDATE: A fourth quarter surge in worldwide sales closes out 2003 in fine form, according to new market research results from Gartner and IDC.
Grid Forum Backs Utility Computing Standards
By Paul Shread |  Article Published February 24, 2004
The Distributed Management Task Force's effort to draft standards for utility computing has received the backing of the Global Grid Forum.
Cisco Rattles Storage Switch Rivals
By Paul Shread |  Article Published February 5, 2004
Cisco's impressive quarterly growth in the SAN switch market engenders caution for its rivals' growth prospects.
Apple Steps Toward the Storage Mainstream
By Paul Shread |  Article Published January 9, 2004
Xserve RAID debuts as Apple's first storage product to offer support for Windows and Linux environments.
Storage Vendors Feel the Squeeze
By Paul Shread |  Article Published November 25, 2003
The storage sector has always had its periods of pricing pressure, but lately the pressure to cut prices has grown particularly intense. Paul Shread looks at how several recent trends have converged to squeeze margins among storage vendors.
HP Recasts Entry-Level Storage Debate
By Paul Shread |  Article Published November 24, 2003
HP releases new entry-level storage offerings that cost 25-50% less than comparable solutions from Dell/EMC and IBM.
Storage Management Standard Takes a Big Step Forward
By Paul Shread |  Article Published November 17, 2003
SNIA's SMI-S hops on the fast track to becoming an ANSI standard.
Sun Overhauls Grid Strategy
By Paul Shread |  Article Published November 11, 2003
Sun Microsystems is expanding its Grid computing offerings beyond raw compute power to include collaboration, data Grids and visualization.
HP, BAE Systems Build Advanced Grid
By Paul Shread |  Article Published November 5, 2003
HP has teamed with BAE Systems and three institutions to build an advanced global computing Grid.
Storage User Groups Go Forth and Multiply
By Paul Shread |  Article Published October 6, 2003
Six months ago, there were no groups dedicated solely to storage users; as of this week, there are three.
The Perils of Storage Start-ups
By Paul Shread |  Article Published September 25, 2003
With storage start-ups proliferating like rabbits in the popular Visa commercial, the market can't possibly sustain all of them, can it?
Disaster Fears, Regulations Boost Storage Software Sales
By Paul Shread |  Article Published September 17, 2003
Storage software sales enjoy a bang-up, knock-out second quarter, with EMC once again maintaining pole position.
IBM Turbocharges Mid-Range Storage
By Paul Shread |  Article Published August 26, 2003
A new FAStT 600 option boosts capacity and performance.
One in Three Companies Lack Disaster Recovery Strategy
By Paul Shread |  Article Published August 21, 2003
A recent survey finds nearly 30% of companies lack formal disaster recovery strategies, and 64% of companies admit to having significant vulnerabilities in their data backup and disaster recovery plans.
Tech Heavyweights Team Up on Serial Disk Demo
By Paul Shread |  Article Published August 11, 2003
Five tech companies partner to demonstrate new serial disk technology at this week's HP World conference.
HP Enhances Network Storage Services Offerings
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 24, 2003
HP announces five new services for optimizing and managing heterogeneous storage environments, along with enhancements to its Pay per Use solution for HP StorageWorks XP disk arrays, which allows customers to pay based on actual storage capacity usage.
NASD's IM Order Could Boost Storage Firms
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 19, 2003
In a move that could boost the fortunes of storage firms, NASD yesterday ordered securities brokers and dealers to save instant messages sent to clients and employees for at least three years.
HP Retains the Top Storage Spot
By Paul Shread |  Article Published June 9, 2003
But IBM and Dell are growing fast, according to IDC. And the SAN market is hot.

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