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DNS Client Behavior in Windows Vista and Server 2008
By Nirmal Sharma |  Article Published October 31, 2008
Win Tip: DNS functions differently in the latest versions of Windows. For a quick explanation of DNS client behavior for DNS queries and registrations look no further.
Background Zone Loading, New Functionality in Win Server 2008 DNS
By Nirmal Sharma |  Article Published October 17, 2008
Win Tip: Microsoft has changed the behavior of DNS server in Windows Server 2008. Now, DNS server loads the zone data from Active Directory while it restarts. This allows the server to respond to client requests coming in for other zones.
WinInstall LE, MSI Creator and Configuration Builder
By Nirmal Sharma |  Article Published October 1, 2008
WinInstall LE is certainly not the only approach to deploying an application-specific setting to multiple computers, but it is one that saves both time and money. Learn its advantages as well as how to use this tool to convert EXE applications to MSI packages.
DFS Offers New Functionality in Windows Server 2008
By Nirmal Sharma |  Article Published September 12, 2008
Win Tip: DFS in Windows Server 2008 boasts a number of improvements. Access-based enumeration and cuter support is just the beginning.

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