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Is In-Flight Wi-Fi Cleared for Take Off?
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published August 19, 2009
After years of false starts, it appears airplane travelers will have easier access to the Internet.
T-Mobile Dash 3G Smartphone: Good Keyboard, Small Screen
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published July 28, 2009
The T-Mobile Dash 3G smartphone gets two thumbs up from our Wi-Fi guru.
Ready for Your Wi-Fi-Enabled TV?
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published July 23, 2009
Some experts claim that this holiday season's hot gift will be a Wi-Fi TV. Really?
BlackBerry Flip Phone Now Available
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published October 15, 2008
RIM and T-Mobile announced Tuesday the release of the first BlackBerry flip phone. The phone features integrated 802.11b/g for unlimited "HotSpot Calling" over accessible Wi-Fi networks.
Wi-Fi Usage Continues to Climb Worldwide
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published October 8, 2008
The latest edition of the iPass Broadband Mobility Index shows business Wi-Fi usage continues to increase in markets all over the world.
Bluetooth to Capitalize on Wi-Fi, UWB
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published September 11, 2008
A new architecture currently in development will allow Bluetooth to harness Wi-Fi and eventually UWB to achieve greater data transfer rates.
Arrests Made in Massive Wireless Credit Card Heist
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published August 8, 2008
After a three-year under-cover investigation conducted by the Secret Service, the Department of Justice has filed charges against an international cast of characters allegedly involved in the hacking of nine major U.S. retailers that resulted in the theft and sale of over 40 million credit and debit card numbers.
Review: TRITTON AX Micro Bluetooth Headset
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published July 29, 2008
This tiny, shiny earpiece is a worthy solution for users looking for a non-bulky, affordable Bluetooth headset.
Building with Mesh
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published June 16, 2008
A large construction company based in the southeast upgrades its wireless LAN to increase productivity, improve security, and save money.
Can Ruckus Redefine How Enterprise WLANs are Deployed?
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published April 29, 2008
Ruckus Wireless has introduced a Smart Wi-Fi meshing technology that enables enterprises to deploy 802.11n wireless LANs “in half the time, at half the cost, and with three times the performance of typical WLANs.”
Turn Your Smartphone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published April 2, 2008
Perhaps you can take it with you: TapRoot Systems has announced its WalkingHotSpot software, which turns 3G/Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones into secure, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.
Save the Planet, Work Remotely
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published March 20, 2008
Aruba and Avaya team up to provide secure enterprise-quality voice and data applications to remote workers--and reduce greenhouse gases while they're at it.
One Step Closer to the Wireless Enterprise
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published March 17, 2008
At its Wireless Innovations Day event last week in Boston, Motorola demonstrated that 802.11n could be the key to untethering the enterprise.
A Couple Hundred Gadgets Certified Wi-Fi Protected
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published February 19, 2008
Dual-mode (Wi-Fi/cellular) phones among the many devices certified as part of a Wi-Fi Alliance program designed to help secure wireless networks.
Chicago Transit Authority Gets Aboard the Wi-Fi Train
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published February 15, 2008
The nation's second largest public transit authority moves more than a million people every day. The CTA has just announced its MetroMesh network (used mostly for speeding up maintenance) is fully deployed and operational.
EarthLink to Sell Off its Muni Wi-Fi Business
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published February 11, 2008
EarthLink has decided to abandon muni Wi-Fi altogether and sell off its related assets. No takers yet for the $40 million business, but experts expect it to be divvied up between various vendors.
JiWire Grants Free Access to iPhone Users
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published January 17, 2008
JiWire has announced that, in exchange for looking at targeted ads, iPhone and iPod touch users will get free Wi-Fi access at "select" JiWire Wi-Fi Advertising Network hotspots.
Billions and Billions (to Be) Served
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published November 15, 2007
The 802.11n draft 2.0 program and an upsurge in the production of Wi-Fi-enabled consumer devices have fueled record growth in the number of products receiving official Wi-Fi certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.
Windows Mobile: How To Install Ringtones
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published June 16, 2007
Getting that new ringtone from your PC to Pocket PC is as easy as any drag-and-drop action.
Grape Networks Turns Wi-Fi Into Wine
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published March 26, 2007
You may think of mesh sensor nets for industrial use indoors, but one company uses them to monitor vineyard crops -- and to protect the environment.
Is Wi-Fi Bad for Humans?
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published January 15, 2007
Some ill people say yes, but the scientific proof points the other direction.
Can Muni Wi-Fi be Free?
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published March 27, 2006
The author of a book on citywide wireless networks offers advice to governments in the planning stages.
A Wi-Fi-ed Traveler's Holiday Wish List
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published December 13, 2005
When on the road, Wi-Fi is your friend... if you can find it. This collection of goodies will help road warriers find it, use it and best of all, enjoy it.
Marine Laboratory Unwires Researchers
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published September 29, 2005
The Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory turned to Motorola Canopy to put its influx of summer scientists online.
Chicago Public Libraries Go Wireless
By Naomi Graychase |  Article Published December 7, 2004
The first phase of the city's MAN-plan is turning the library system into a series of hotspots using equipment from switch-vendor Airespace.

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